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Diablo IV

All Fractured Peaks Waypoints

Ben Chard

Diablo 4 has plenty to see and do in its open world and as such, it can be time consuming getting around. This is where Waypoints come in, as you’ll be able to instantly teleport to past towns or certain strongholds you’ve claimed. On top of this, each found Waypoint will give you a boost of 20 Renown, making it a requirement if you wish to max out Renown in each of Sanctuary’s major regions.

This page will show you where you can find every single Waypoint in the initial area, Fractured Peaks.

Where to Find Waypoints in the Fractured Peaks

Waypoint Location Interactive Map
"Kyovashad" iconKyovashad Desolate Highlands - Northeast Map Marker
Nevesk Desolate Highlands - Southwest Map Marker
Margrave Dobrev Taiga - Southwest Margrave
Yelesna Gale Valley - Southwest Map Marker
Menestad Sarkova Pass - West Map Marker
Bear Tribe Refuge "Seat of the Heavens" iconSeat of the Heavens - Northwest Map Marker
"Nostrava" iconNostrava (Stronghold) The Pallid Glade - North of Nevesk Map Marker

Kyovashad Waypoint

!Kyovashad is the capital city of the Fractured Peaks.

This is the easiest Waypoint to find, as you’ll end up in "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad after the prologue is finished. This is the capital city for the Fractured Peaks and as such, as all facilities you could possibly need.

Nevesk Waypoint

!Nevesk can be found in the !Desolate Highlands.

Nevesk is a small village found to the southwest of the same sub-region as Kyovashad, the Desolate Highlands. You can reach this Waypoint by heading south out of Kyovashad and following the paths that lead you southwest.

Margrave Waypoint

The Margrave Waypoint can be found in Dobrev Taiga.

Margrave is another small village found to the southwest of the Dobrev Taiga sub-region. To reach this Waypoint, leave Kyovashad via the southeast gate and follow the paths that lead you to the southwest of this sub-region.

Yelesna Waypoint

The !Yelesna Waypoint can be found in the Gale Valey sub-region.

You know the trend by now, another small village that can be found in the southwest of the Gale Valley sub-region, located to the southeast of the Fractured Peaks. From Kyovashad, leave via the southeast gate and continue east along the paths until you reach Gale Valley, where you can then head southwest to find the Waypoint.

Menestad Waypoint

!Menestad can be found in the !Sarkova Pass sub-region.

You’ll have to make your way to the Sarkova Pass sub-region to find the "Menestad Waypoint" iconMenestad Waypoint, located to the west of the sub-region. From Kyovashad, head out the northwest exit and continue to the northwest to reach the village and Waypoint.

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint

The !Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint can be found in the !Seat of the Heavens sub-region.

The Bear Tribe Refuge is a small settlement located in the "Seat of the Heavens" iconSeat of the Heavens sub-region, which is to the far east of the Fractured Peaks. From Kyovashad, take the eastern exit from the city into the "Frigid Expanse" iconFrigid Expanse and continue east to reach the Seat of the Heavens, the settlement can be found just to the north once you enter the sub-region.

Nostrava (Stronghold) Waypoint

You must cleanse the !Nostrava Stronghold to unlock this Waypoint.

The final Waypoint requires a bit more work on your part, as you’ll need to clear out the "Nostrava" iconNostrava Stronghold. These Strongholds have difficult bosses at the end of them, but you can learn how to clear it by checking out our Nostrava Walkthrough. As for the Stronghold itself, you’ll find it in the Pallid Glade sub-region, located to the west of the Fractured Peaks, in the southeast of the sub-region.

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