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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 XP Farms: Best D4 XP Farms for Groups & Solo

Craig Robinson

Thanks to the Race to World First Diablo 4 event, players are discovering some rather sweaty strategies to level up fast in Diablo 4, with players doing various group farms in hardcore, normal, and nightmare dungeon spams. If you want some crazy Diablo 4 XP farms, we have a list of contenders for players to try in both groups or solo.

Here is a list of Diablo 4 XP farms you can try while grinding to level 100. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 XP Farms & Strategies

Best Diablo 4 XP Farms: Uldur’s Cave

Uldur’s Cave is another dungeon gaining a lot of popularity over the weekend, with it earning around 10 million XP per hour from some of the comments from World Tier 4 players. It’s a very short and simple dungeon too, only requiring the player to follow a path, smash some barricades, kill a guardian in another area, enter a new place and kill all trash in the area, and then reset it. It takes around 4 minutes to complete, and thats even on the slower end, yet it awards that much XP.

  • Location: Uldur’s Cave, Ragged Coastline, Kehjistan. Map Marker

Exploited Failed Hostage Events

If you’re in a Nightmare dungeon, or a Cellar, and you happen to find the Hostage event, or the where waves of enemies spawn with a timer, then you can do a exploit that allows mobs to keep respawning. The XP ranges for this exploit is typically between 5-10 million XP, depending on build, and mob type. The original founder claims 30 million per hour, but that might be vitriolic click bait, it’s hard to tell.

What you need to do is group up all the mobs the best you can, and kill the enemies as soon as the timer hits 00:00. Doing so will cause a wave to spawn as the event completes, which means that all the adds will continuously respawn. If you manage to do it with one where elites spawns, which is particularly the ones with "Spider" iconSpiders in them, then this is where you can get 10 million XP per hour -putting it in line with places like Uldur ave.

For some builds, you can even set this up and do it AFK. Thorns Barbarian builds with the "Razorplate" iconRazorplate unique item can stand there and go AFk and auto farm mobs. Necromancer’s with the tanky Golem, and the Scythe wielding warriors are also very good for standing there AFK and letting your minions do the work for you. So, even if you the XP is not that great to other instance spams and resets, if you do happen to need to go afk for a bit, then this farm will be a decent choice if you can set it up ahead of time.

If you want some assistance with setting it up properly, here’s the video to the absolute legend for discovering this exploit in the first place.

Best Diablo 4 XP Farms: Forsaken Quarry XP Farm

Forsaken Quarry is another dungeon with lots of enemies, elites, and thin corridors to run down.

  1. This is a Slay All Enemies Dungeon, meaning its easy to find where the big packs are on the map.
  2. The map is a series of tunnels, which can split off in different directions, making it easy to pick up packs, and nuke them before their reset ranges kick in.
  3. It can be done solo, but, if you’re in a group, you can travel down the various corridors and speed the process up.
  • Location: Forasken Quarry is a dungeon in Fractured Peaks, which you can easily find by exiting "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad’s east city exit, then head directly north into the Kylisk Plateau, which will lead you to this dungeon. Map Marker

Best Diablo 4 XP Farms: Blind Burrows XP Farm

Blind Burrows is another objective that requires elite kills, meaning guaranteed lots of packs and elites to fight.

Blind Burrows is located in Hawezar, slightly to the east of Zarbinzet. You can track its exact location using this map link Map Marker

  • Essentially, the map is good for groups, with its ability for players to split up and kill various Infected Elites.
  • The map is basically a circular shape, with winding tunnels with dense mob packs of spiders connected the ends where the objectives elites are.
    There are also elite spawns as you progress through the tunnels.
  • Its fairly easy to mass pull mobs down a long tunnel, pausing for a quick nuke, then progressing down the tunnels once again.

Best Diablo 4 XP Farms: Demon’s Wake XP Farm

"Demon's Wake" iconDemon’s Wake is a Dungeon found along the border of Scosglen and Fractured Peaks, offering players another look at A Slay All Enemies run. You can find its location here. Map Marker

  • The start of the dungeon is a small rectangle shape, which typically has a Shrine event, and some items you need to collect.
  • once you’re through the door, it’s a large Slay All Enemies, with quite a few elites in the area.
  • The pathing of the final area off the dungeon is also easy to navigate, making large pulls and mob hoovering really easy and efficient.

Diablo 4 XP Farms: Nerfed, But Still Playable

The strategies below are the XP farms that have been nerfed, meaning they are not as efficient as they once were. However, they are still decent, largely thanks to design, or certain other niche parts that make them worth doing.

Champions Demise XP Farm in Diablo 4

Champion’s Demise is the king of Diablo 4 XP Farms for ladder-pushing Streamers.

Champions Demise is located in the south, central area of the Dry Steppes, more specifically in the province called the Untamed Scarps, with the closest waypoint being "Jirandai Waypoint" iconJirandai Waypoint. You can find a Map Marker for further assistance here.

  • Lots of melee mobs, lots of elites with the "Blood Clan Mauler" iconBlood Clan Mauler’s and other named variants present.
  • The area has lots of wide areas you can kits until you can funnel the mobs into a location for you to AOE.
  • Can be done in party, with players splitting into two group of two, clearing out the different areas of the dungeon. Since all mobs dying in an dungeon count towards XP, it makes it even quicker to do.
  • When all the mobs are dead, you reset the dungeons you don’t want to fight the boss.

Maugan’s Works XP Farm in Diablo 4

Maugan’s Works has plenty of small rooms and corridors, making it easy to AOE mobs, and find a room filled with elites too.

"Maugan's Works" iconMaugan’s Works is a dungeon you can find in the central, western province called Fethis Wetlands, which ins Hawezar. The dungeon is almost directly south of the "Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint" iconRuins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint.

The premise of the dungeon is to run around clearing all the trash out, until you find a room filled with elites. This Elite room is your big XP room largely thanks to the Elites, the large bulk of mobs, and the enemies you can pull into the room from the nearby rooms. This is a dungeon where pulling several rooms at once into an easy to AOE enclosed space matters a lot.

  • Clear the mobs as you go through several rooms at a time, clumping them into the smaller rooms.
  • Keep doing this until to increase your XP per hour.
  • Once you have defeated the elites, leave the dungeon, and reset it by logging out when you exit the dungeon or leaving a party and getting summoned to another party.

Whispering Pines XP Farm in Diablo 4

The Whispering Pines has plenty of packs, Shrines, and elites to make it worth farming for solo players.

The "Whispering Pines" iconWhispering Pines dungeon is found on the far east of the Scosglen, slightly southwest from the Tirimair Waypoint. You can find the exact location of that dungeon on our interactive map.

  • Whispering Pines is another pack-heavy dungeon, with a few stages, and event spawns that you can do.
  • Moreso, this dungeon has quite a few easy-to-find shrines inside the Razed Keep area of the dungeon, making it easier to blast through the trash heavy keep for even more XP efficiency.
  • This is a fast dungeon to clear, and you can even kill the boss if you have a party with you to clear it, though, its not necessary.

Sanguine Chapel XP Farm in Diablo 4

This dungeon is split into two separate wings, making it a decent farming spot for a party to reset when they are cleared.

"Sanguine Chapel" iconSanguine Chapel is a vampire-filled dungeon in the northeast edge of the Fractured Peaks, within the "Alabaster Monastery" iconAlabaster Monastery, which you head to for "Inarius" iconInarius in Act 1 of the campaign. You can find the exact location using our Map Marker if you’d like.

  • The Sanguine Chapel map design heavily relies on players exploring two different wings of the chapel to open the door.
  • These chapel wins have long thin corridors, and then larger bays with several rooms of enemies inside, containing both normals and elite version.
  • You can easily split into two group of two, with each party going to a wing, mass pulling and nuking the dungeon.
  • You can then reset the dungeon, or continue through the dungeon if you want the boss XP as well.
  • It is possible to do this solo, but, the length of the wings does make it harder to backtrack to the other wing, losing some XP efficiency per hour if you chose to do this solo.

Anica’s Claim XP Farm in Diablo 4

Anica’s claim has plenty of trash-heavy long, and thing corridors easy to mass pull and chain enemies.

"Anica's Claim" iconAnica’s Claim is a decent enough dungeon to grind in for solo players, but you need to defeat the "Malnok" iconMalnok Stronghold first to access it. This is directly south of the "Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint" iconBear Tribe Refuge Waypoint, and directly east from Kyovoshad. You can find the exact location using our Map Marker.

  • The dungeon has also a few long thin corridors, and you farm the Ice Clan "Marauder" iconMarauder beastmen, so you can easily mass-pull mobs through these corridors, as they are all typically melee.
  • This dungeon, from our experience, can award around 1 paragon point when you full clear it, which is around 15 minutes if you’re fairly unoptimized. If you have a solid build that can mass pull lots of enemies, then it goes even quicker.
  • You will need to do around 4 runs of this to get a full level around the level 50-70 mark. So the better you build is at movement, AOE and mass pulling, the quicker this grind becomes for you.

Group Nightmare Dungeons

Group nightmare dungeons is a more natural way to play the game, keeping you in dungeons and reduce downtime, and you get your party XP buff. You can also have a build that has great AOE clear, while other builds in the party are focused on boss shredding to make clearing them more efficient and easier.

Cellar / World Event Farms

If you’re traveling to and from dungeons or porting to towns, then you can check if there’s any World Tree Cellars and World Events nearby, This can help keep you busy, reducing your downtime while you run from dungeon, side quest, or another objective, depending on what you’re doing.

If you’re doing a Helltide for your legendary crafting resource farms, such as getting "Fiend Rose" iconFiend Rose, "Baleful Fragment" iconBaleful Fragments, "Forgotten Soul" iconForgotten Souls, or other crafting items, then you can look for events in the region. Not only do you get those resources, but, you can get decent XP bonuses for finishing the events. One of the better ones is the event that spawns in Dry Steppes, in the Crucible of Cinders, as this event seems to become active quite a lot. You can find this example using our Map Marker. There’s other events that are active quite a lot, it’s just this one stands out the most for us.

This concludes our Diablo 4 XP farm page. If we find anymore, or some of the leaderboard chasers find other XP farms in game, we will let you know and update the page accordingly.

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