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How to Defeat Lilith's Lament

Ben Chard

The Diablo 4 Main Quest offers plenty of scenarios and you’ll often be facing off against challenging bosses that will stand in your way in your quest in the hunt for Lilith. "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament is a boss you’ll face towards the end of Act I.

"Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament is a major boss in Act 1 of Diablo 4.

How to Find Lilith’s Lament

Once you reach the "Descent" iconDescent Main Quest in Act I, you will have to return to The Darkened Way in "Gale Valley" iconGale Valley and head back to where you faced off against Neyrelle’s mother. You can now head across the path across the lake here and enter the Necropolis of the Firstborn.

Head through this dungeon as you learn more from Rathma, the Necromancer and Lilith’s son. You’ll soon have to destroy Tumors of Hatred that block your path, pay attention to your mini-map as these will be marked on there. Once you destroy the final tumor, continue down the path and you’ll eventually come face-to-face with "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament, preventing your descent.

(1 of 2) Head to the bottom of "The Darkened Way" iconThe Darkened Way to cross the lake

Head to the bottom of "The Darkened Way" iconThe Darkened Way to cross the lake (left), you will need to destroy five tumors on the way to "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament. (right)

Lilith’s Lament Boss Strategy

Unlike many of the Stronghold Bosses, you do have a fairly large battlefield for this Boss, however, this is important as the battle against "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament involves a lot of movement when it comes to dealing with its attacks, most of which can travel the length of the battlefield.
"Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament has plenty of attacks for you to worry about, and you can learn all about them below:

  • Poison Pool: "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament will conjure pools of poison that litter the ground, standing in one of these will see you take continuous damage-over-time so be sure to keep an eye out and move immediately.

  • Sea of Blood: Once you bring "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament’s HP down to its first potion threshold, it will become immune and begin preparing a battlefield wide attack where you will take constant damage-over-time. At this time, a Knight Penitent will arrive and conjure a protective bubble, stand in this to avoid the attack.

  • Blood Swipe: You will see a large red arc in front of "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament and it will soon swipe its arm, dealing damage to anything standing in that arc. You have enough time to move out of the way of this attack.

  • Poison Waves: "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament will conjure three waves of poison that move from left to right in the battlefield. There is enough space to stand in-between each wave to avoid damage. These will leave a Poison pool in their place, and it will then send three more waves from right-to-left.

  • Darkness Bolts: "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament will conjure magical darkness bolts and shoot them out in all directions.

The first phase of this battle is just you against "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament and the only real threat you need to deal with is making sure you’re moving out of the Poison Pools it leaves on the ground, not only will this slow you down, but you’ll take damage-over-time while you remain in it.

(1 of 2) "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament will leave HP-sapping poison pools all over the battlefield

"Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament will leave HP-sapping poison pools all over the battlefield (left), rush to the protective bubble to avoid damage from the sea of blood attack. (right)

Once you bring "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament to the first potion threshold, a Knight’s Penitent will join the battle, and not a moment too soon as "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament will begin using Sea of Blood. This makes it so nowhere is safe to stand and you’ll take constant damage-over-time. Thankfully, the Knight’s Penitent will conjure a protective bubble so rush over and stand in it to keep yourself protected.

The Knight’s Penitent will remain with you for the rest of the battle, which is handy as you’ll need to repeat the above when it uses Sea of Blood two more times throughout. From this point onward, you’ll have to deal with some new mechanics for the rest of the battle. For the first, look for a red arc on the ground, this indicates that "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament is getting ready to use a Blood Swipe which will damage anyone standing in that arc so be sure to move out of it whenever you see it.

(1 of 3) Move out of the way of this arc to avoid the Blood Swipe attack

You’ll also have to start dealing with the Poison Waves at this point, that will continue for the rest of the battle. They will roll in from the left to right, leaving a poison pool at their end point, then come back in from right-to-left. As the battle rages on, you can expect these to roll in from the top-to-bottom of the arena too, so you’ll need to be on the move constantly.

If you can get that part of the battle down and remember to retreat to the Knight Penitent’s bubble to avoid the sea of blood attack, you should have little trouble taking down "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament.

Lilith’s Lament Rewards

As with most major bosses, there’s a high probability of getting a Legendary drop once you defeat "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament. What’s more, after speaking to "Vigo" iconVigo, you’ll obtain a Legendary Amulet that will periodically cast the very same barrier that the Knight Penitent used the battle against "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith’s Lament.

(1 of 2) There is a high chance that "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament will drop a Legendary

There is a high chance that "Lilith's Lament" iconLilith's Lament will drop a Legendary (left), and you are guaranteed this Legendary Amulet after speaking with "Vigo" iconVigo. (right)


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