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Diablo IV

How to Get a Golem in Diablo 4 - Call of the Underworld

Nathan Garvin

Not all of Rathma’s teachings are imparted to neophyte Necromancers. Some of the more powerful, darker secrets are only divested to those who have proven themselves worthy. You’ll start out with access to Skeletal Warriors and as your power grows you’ll be able to add Skeletal Mages to your warband, but a much more powerful minion can be created by the most powerful of Necromancers. This page will cover the Necromancer-exclusive side quest Call of the Underworld in Diablo 4.

Once you hit Lv25, make your way to a Shrine of Rathma along the northwestern edge of Sarkova Pass,

How to Start Call of the Underworld in Diablo 4

No amount of searching will help you find this quest. You must get your Necromancer to level 25, after which it’ll become available. Once done, you need to make your way to a Shrine of Rathma found northwest of Menestad, along the northwestern edge of Sarkova Pass. Make your way there and interact with the shrine - no living Necromancers may be nearby to help you develop your powers, but for beings to regularly deal with the dead, such a barrier is hardly a bother. A shade name Maltorius will appear after you pay your respects at the Shrine of Rathma, and he’s all too happy to help you out.

(1 of 2) where you’ll commune with a shade named Maltorius.

where you’ll commune with a shade named Maltorius. (left), Kill the Bone Warriors that pop up and harvest their Unbroken Bones. (right)

Harvest 12 Unbroken Bones

Your first task is to acquire some raw materials in the form of unbroken bones. Fortunately, some "Bone Warrior" iconBone Warriors will appear, allowing you to destroy them and harvest the bones you need from their remains. Go around destroying undead and pick up the "Unbroken Bone" iconUnbroken Bones they drop until you have a dozen - you need not go far, a blue search area marks out the narrow confines of this task.

Return to Maltorius with the twelve Unbroken Bones and he’ll give you your next task - bones are all well and good, but without any animating spirit, all you have is a macabre pile of remains. You need to head to a nearby dungeon which houses a “vile artifact” that traps lost souls - free these souls and they may just decide to help you out…

(1 of 5) Next Maltorius will tell you to free some souls at Bitter Cave.

How to Fill the Jar of Souls

To find the Bitter Cave - where this “vile artifact” is being house - you’ll need to travel south. Once you enter the cave, you’ll find that this dungeon doesn’t have much to offer save for the objective itself - the "Jar of Souls" iconJar of Souls you seek is the only other object of note, and there’s no opposition standing in your way.

Find the Jar of Souls and interact with it, at which point it’ll start to spew out souls, which possess nearby "Skeleton" iconSkeletons. Smash the skeletons to fill the Jar of Souls and… wait, are we freeing these souls from the jar, or putting them back in it? Whatever, kill enough to fill the Jar and you’ll get your Golem shortly thereafter. Note that you can modify the exact type of Golem you have and its abilities via the Book of the Dead. You’ll also need to equip it as a skill to make use of it.

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