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Diablo IV

Champion Chapter Season Journey Guide for Diablo 4 Season 1

Craig Robinson

The Champion Chapter of the Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 1 is now pushing players towards reaching the World Tier 4 content bracket, so, players around the level 60-75 mark will no doubt be going through the challenges this bracket contains. If you intend on progressing this chapter as easily as possible, then here are our suggestions for completing this chapter.

Champion Chapter Season Journey Guide for Diablo 4 Season 1

Players will once again need to fight a World boss if they want to tick off an objective in the Champion Chapter of the Season Journey.

Objective Description
1: Lilith’s Undoing Purify Seeds of Hatred in Hostile Areas.
2: Threshold of Damnation Complete the "Fallen" iconFallen Temple
3: Wrath’s Vengeance Defeat the Nightmare Echo of Varshan
4: Ancestral Artisan Upgrade 3 items 5 times at the Blacksmith or Jeweler
5: Reaching For Greatness Improve a Paragon Glyph to Rank 20
6: The Gathering Fires Acquire 1000 "Aberrant Cinder" iconAberrant Cinders in World Tier 3
7: Crown to Foot Imprint 10 Aspects at the Occultist
8: No Mere Mortal Unlock a Legendary Paragon Node
9: Tempered By Hellfire Reach Level 75
10: Pilgrimage of Nightmares Complete a Tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon
11: A Fiend Brought Low Defeat a World Boss in World Tier 3


  • Epic Favor: Very large quantity of Battle Pass XP progression
  • Sixth Journey Cache: Late game resources for crafting, Nightmare Sigils and jewelry
  • Aspect of Audacity: A new Legendary Aspect

To complete this chapter, you will need to complete nine of the 11 objectives on this list. In terms of the ones we don’t recommend, we advise staying away from the Lilith’s Undoing and Reaching For Greatness. The PvP mission requires you to wait for someone to cash in their Seeds of Hatred at the PvP areas in either Dry Steppes or Kehjistan and then defeat them to cash them in yourself. Meanwhile, the Rank 20 Paragon may take a while to complete, and its something you will likely achieve later on in the end game, thanks to the amount of Paragon Glyphs you will buff up as you reach a number of boards in your Paragon build. You will eventually get this, its just unlikely it will be in the first nine objectives you need to complete.

As for the rest of the objectives, these all come naturally, and often in bulk too. More than likely you’ll have already finished the Crown to Foot and The Gathering Fire, if you’ve been following our previous chapter guides for Slayer and Chapter 4. The reason why is because Nightmare Dungeons, Dungeon Farming, and Helltide farming are a natural part of your end game. More than likely you’ll have accumulated 100 "Aberrant Cinder" iconAberrant Cinders, which is four Helltide Mystery Chests, these offer the best loot and resource rewards while Helltides are active. Meanwhile, you will be imprinting aspects often on your gear as you replace leveling gear with Sacred gear, and so, you will be imprinting codex powers, or other equipment legendary aspects on your new pieces as you go on through the game.

You may also have completed the World Boss kill in World Tier 3 if you’ve been lucky enough to get a kill in your timezone too. Lastly, you may have already upgraded at least three pieces five times, as you will start getting any uniques you can in your build, alongside other really good roll pieces you have either traded for or picked up along the way. You will probably have the resources for it too, as Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides drop enough gear for raw resource pick up or dismantling for you to properly invest in your good gear pieces.

You will need to take on a World Tier 3 version of Varshan if you want a fairly doable challenge to tick off your objective list for the Champion Chapter of the Season Journey.

As for other content you can be doing, you will more than likely easily hit the 15 Nightmare Dungeons requirement as part of the Champion Chapter’s objectives. The Nightmare Dungeon difficulty is lower in Season 1, meaning level 15’s are fairly achievable for those in the mid 50’s bracket, presuming you have sorted your gear upgrades and aspect in your gear to a reasonable extent. Likewise, at some point, you will likely fight the World Tier 3 Echo of Varshan fight, which you only unlock after beating the boss on World Tier 2 in a Malignant Tunnel. So, if you have not done that already, make sure to do that, then come back, craft the Foul Invoker, then do the boss again. You should go to the Boiling Wound in the east of Fractured Peaks, as that location has the Varshan boss room.

Then finally, you have the two later chapter objectives. One is to reach level 75, which you will naturally do when you hit World Tier 4 easily and start participating in contact on that end. But, to get there, you need to beat the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon. This is like the "Cathedral of Light" iconCathedral of Light, albeit, slightly harder. You also have to face off against an Echo of Elias, which can be a fairly difficult fight if you are not prepared for it. Depending on the build you are running, heavy boss killing builds can take this challenge on in the early 60’s, but classes with defensive issues or weaker boss killing may want to take it on in the mid to late 60’s instead. Once that’s done, go and farm some World Tier 4 content like Malignant Tunnels and Helltides, and you should find that your XP will fly much faster as you take on harder enemies and get better rewards for it. You will hit 75 in no time and tick off that final chapter objective off your list.

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