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Diablo IV

How to Defeat Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary

Shane Williams

The Diablo 4 Main Quest offers plenty of scenarios and you’ll often be facing off against challenging bosses and encounters that will stand in your way in the "What Lies Ahead" iconWhat Lies Ahead Main Quest which takes place at the end of Act 6. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and defeating Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary.

Lilith Awaits!

How to Find Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary

Before you can fight Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary you’ll need to progress through the game until you reach the Main Quest What Lies Ahead which takes place in Act 6. Here you’ll want to enter the Cathedral of Hate. Progress through the area until you reach the Throne of Hatred then you’ll encounter Lilith.

Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary Boss Strategy

You’re located in a fairly open battlefield, so you have plenty of room to move about and avoid her attacks, which is useful as Lilith uses several attacks that cover a large portion of the area. Lilith has three multiple attacks you need be aware of and you can learn all about them below:

  • Fiery Rake

Throughout the battle Lilith will rake the ground which creates multiple lines in the ground which lays the foundation for a line of fire to go through it. You can easily avoid this attack by standing in the gaps between the lines.

  • Fiery Wave

Whilst fighting Lilith you’ll want to avoid standing in front of her, as she’ll slam the ground and unleash a wave of fire that moves in the direction she’s facing. If you get caught in it, then you’ll get pushed back and take damage.

  • Wing Spin

You’ll want to avoid standing too close to Lilith for too long, as every so often she’ll spin around and attempt to hit you with her wing. The best way to avoid this is to use your strongest attacks and then retreat until she’s performed a spin before dealing more damage.

  • Fear

Once you take Lilith’s health to around 50% she’ll start summoning circles that’ll cause you to be temporarily feared if you stand in it. Simply to dodge away from the circles until they disappear.

(1 of 4) Stand to the side to avoid the blood wave.

Lilith is arguably one of the tougher bosses you’ll face in Diablo 4 which is to be expected as its the final boss. In order to take down Liith’s first phase down you’ll want to keep your distance, as this will give you enough to position yourself correctly to avoid her attacks. You can do this by charging in when you have enough Mana to use your stronger attacks, such as your Ultimate, then retreat until your health is recovered and your Mana Restored. Additionally, when she summons ads you’ll want to focus on them otherwise if you ignore them, then you might take too much damage when attacking Lilith and get killed.

Lilith, Daughter of Hatred Boss Strategy

Once you’ve killed Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary don’t get too excited as a few seconds later Lilith, Daughter of Hatred will spawn and will kick off phase two of the final battle. This version of Lilith is slightly harder compared to the first phase and features some different attacks that’ll you’ll need to be aware of and you can learn about them below.

  • Blood Explosions

Throughout the battle Lilith will summon four balls around the room which will explode and deal damage to you if standing too close. Additionally, a patch of blood will remain and keep exploding every few seconds, so avoid going near it until it disappears.

  • Blood tide

As you progress through the fight Lilith disappears and flies across the room and will cause blood to move across a large chunk of the room. Simply get towards it as quickly as possible or you’ll gradually lose lots of health.

  • Floor Destruction

Once you’ve taken Lilith’s health down to the first threshold she’ll start flying across the room more often. However, this time you’ll see a red line on the ground where she is hovering. Here you’ll want to get away from it as quickly, as this indicates that this section of the ground is about to be destroyed. If you stand on it then you’ll die and have to restart the battle.

(1 of 3) Stay away from the balls to avoid the explosions.

The hardest part about the second phase of this fight is that the battlefield will gradually get smaller and Lilith will be using all of the attacks above at once, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the floor instead of her so you can quickly react to the attacks. Unlike the first phase you’ll want to stick close to Lilith as a lot of her attacks are ranged.

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