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Diablo IV

How to Defeat Airidah, Keeper of The Dead

Shane Williams

The Diablo 4 Main Quest offers plenty of scenarios and you’ll often be facing off against challenging bosses and encounters that will stand in your way in the "Apex of Misery" iconApex of Misery Quest which takes place towards the end of Act II. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and defeating Airidah, Keeper of The Dead.

Head to this location on the map to initiate the boss fight.

How to Find Airidah, Keeper of The Dead

Once you reach the Apex of Misery Main Quest in Act II you’ll want to travel up to the north of the Wailing Hills portion of Scosglen. When you arrive you’ll need to destroy two risen remains which can be done by attacking them with a simple basic skill. However, they’re currently invulnerable as they are tethered to a "Wildwood" iconWildwood, so defeat them first and return to the remains afterwards to finish them off. Additionally, there are lots of Banshee’s scattered around, so use AoE Skills to take them down quickly.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Wildwoods

Defeat the Wildwoods (left), then destroy the Risen Remains. (right)

After the risen remains have been destroyed, continue following the path along to the north whilst taking down any enemies that get in your way, then when you reach the top of the Windswept Trail. Here you’ll want to speak with Airidah and the boss fight will begin.

Airidah, Keeper of The Dead Boss Strategy

You’ll be given a fairly decent size battlefield to move about on during this boss fight which is a key part to surviving a lot of Airidah’s attacks, as you’ll need to be constantly on the move. Airidah has a few attacks that you’ll need to place close attention to and you can learn all about them below:

  • Lightning Strike

From the beginning of the battle and constantly throughout Airidah will cause lightning strikes to rain down across the arena. You can easily avoid these by constantly keeping on the move and staying away from the circle AoE Markers (Area of Effect).

You’ll want to avoid staying too close to Airidah, as you’ll notice a small whirlwind around her body will slowly grow and explode. If you get caught in it, then you’ll be pushed back and will take a little bit of damage. Additionally, as Airidah gets closer to death she’ll summon two to three whirlwinds at once which will have a larger area of effect.

  • Wraith Tether

When you get Airidah’s health down to certain thresholds she’ll summon two "Wraith" iconWraiths which will tether themselves to her and make her invulnerable to any of your attacks. Here you’ll need to quickly take them by using any of your basic skills before you can continue dealing damage to Airidah. Additionally, as Airidah gets closer to death she’ll have four Wraiths tethered to her, so you’ll want to use stronger single target skills to take them down quicker.

(1 of 3) Defeat the Whirlwinds to continue dealing damage to Airidah.

Unlike the Lilith’s Lament Boss Fight which took place in Act 1, Airidah is lot easier to deal to take down. The first phase of this battle you’ll want to be chasing Airidah around the arena whilst dodging the lightning strikes, then get back before she unleashes a small whirlwind. When you bring Airidah’s health down to the first threshold she’ll become invulnerable and you’ll need to destroy the nearby Wraiths she is tethered to.

As you progress further into the fight and Airidah gets closer to death she’ll still be using the same attacks, so more lightning strikes, whirlwinds and Wraiths to deal with. As long as you keep on the move and don’t walk into the whirlwinds you shouldn’t have to worry about taking too much damage, so just make sure you get a couple attacks in at time.

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