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Diablo IV

How to Conquer the Stronghold Nostrava in Diablo 4

Nathan Garvin

Scattered throughout the Fractured Peaks you’ll find three Strongholds, corrupted bastions of civilization which have fallen under the sway of demonic influences. Despite their fall, these strongholds aren’t so corrupted as to preclude liberation, and once conquered, strongholds will become safe havens, offering some of the amenities of towns, including various vendors, services, and perhaps even new waypoints. While conquering strongholds invariably involves bloodshed and struggle, the exact objectives you’ll need to complete at each stronghold varies. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Stronghold "Nostrava" iconNostrava in Diablo 4.

Nostrava can be found southwest of Kyovashad.

Where to Find Stronghold Nostrava in Diablo 4?

Nostrava is the westernmost stronghold in the Fractured Peaks, being located west and somewhat south of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad, nestled in between the Destolate Highlands (the same large region that houses Kyovashad) and The Pallid Glade, to the north. Once you arrive you’ll find the place oddly abandoned, and quiet save for the clanging of a distant church bell. To get this stronghold conquest started properly, you must head to the church on the eastern edge of town and talk to the priestess within.

How to Conquer Stronghold Nostrava in Diablo 4

Enter the church along the eastern edge of town and talk to the priestess. She’ll waste little time in revealing her true nature, as she’ll urge her vile congregation to give you the “warmest of welcomes”. Leave the church and use the doors to bottleneck the cultist-villagers inside as the church bursts into flames. Not an encouraging welcome, all things considering.

(1 of 2) Most of your efforts in !Nostrava will involve searching houses for Demonic Effigies.

Most of your efforts in !Nostrava will involve searching houses for Demonic Effigies. (left), Destroying these effigies will be complicated by the demons that spawn to oppose you. (right)

Your next task - which will make up the majority of this conquest - is to search the villager’s homes. Invariably you’ll find more Demonic Effigies inside, which you must destroy, something the cultist-villagers won’t take kindly to. Once you’ve set about cleansing the village of the demonic effigies venerated in several homes throughout Nostrava, the demons the cultist worship will start to intervene, appearing as you go between houses. Smite the demons, topple the Demonic Effigies as you go door to door (sometimes breaking down the doors is necessary - abodes befouled with a demonic effigy are marked on your map) and execute any cultists you find. Be wary, however, as enemy opposition will grow as you advance, including random elite enemies.

Once all the Demonic Effigies have been destroyed, the church bell will start to ring again - an impressive feat considering you’ve presumably killed most of the cultists and the church was aflame when you left it. Clearly you’re being summoned for a reckoning, the outcome of which will decide the fate of Nostrava.

(1 of 4) Return to the church, where you’ll finally confront Negala.

How to Defeat Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Diablo 4

Return back to the church, outside of which you’ll now find Negala, Lilith’s Chosen - the demoness who was masquerading as a priestess earlier. She’ll start out fighting like a fairly mundane succubus, tossing pairs of magical bolts lazily at you - these aren’t hard to dodge just by meandering around them, and you should have plenty of opportunity to punish Negala at this phase for not taking this fight seriously. When reduced to about two-thirds of her health, she’ll vault away and summon aid in the form of Torvala and Korzira, two more elite succubi who fight much like Negala, save they toss out different projectiles.

Negala on her own was at worst a nuisance, but with three succubi roving about, things can get kind of hectic. Not only are the incoming projectiles tripled (these include slow-moving fire boots and blood-red lightning orbs), but they’ll start deploy shock lances (rotating spikes of electricity) and fiery grenades (you’ll see a reticle on the ground before they detonate). In addition, each succubi can charge and withdraw quickly, unleashing a gout of infernal energy either before they withdraw, or at their end of their charge..

Ranged AoEs are your friend for this fight, as it’ll allow you to dish out damage to more than one target while you ideally keep moving. If you eliminate one succubus, the other two will become more belligerent, increasing the usage of their fire grenade and shock lance attacks, and when two succubi are defeated, the survivor will start summoning lesser demons to complicate matters. If you can spread the damage out evenly early on, the end of the fight will be easier. That said, while it can be hard to avoid damage in this fight, having three bosses who are all capable of dropping healing as their health bar depletes means you should have access to plenty of potion refills during the fight.

Once the succubus trio is vanquished, head uphill to the northwest of the chapel and interact with a Wander’s Shrine to make good on your conquest of Nostrava, unlocking access to a Blacksmith, Armor Vendor, Stables, a Healer and the "Nostrava Waypoint" iconNostrava Waypoint. You can now also access the Cultist Refuge dungeon under the now-ruined church.

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