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Diablo IV

Chapter 3 Season Journey Guide For Diablo 4

Craig Robinson

The Diablo 4 Season 1 Journey Plan is a handbook for telling you what to do if you intend to progress the battle pass and get those sweet Smoldering Ashes for season-long buffs. Chapter 3 will require you to complete at least 11 of these objectives, before progressing to the next Chapter, and being able to claim the chapter’s rewards. To help you out, we have given our recommendations on completing the Chapter 3 Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 1.

Chapter 3 Season Journey Guide for Diablo 4

It is time to complete some Strongholds as part of the Chapter 3 Season Journey in Diablo 4.

Objective Description
Shards of the Fiends Collect 5 "Scattered Prism" iconScattered Prisms, found from killing World Bosses or "Treasure Goblin" iconTreasure Goblins.
Risk and Reward Buy 5 Items from the Purveyor of Curiosities.
Champion of the Lost Conquer 5 Strongholds.
Touching The Eternal Unlock 4 Aspects in the Codex of Power.
A Master at Work Compete an Event with its Mastery Objective completed.
Hunter’s Whisper Complete 10 Tree of Whisper missions.
Wonders Distilled Craft 5 Elixirs of any type at the Alchemist.
Transfer of Power Imprint an Aspect at the Occultists.
Grim Reward Obtain Caches from the Tree of Whispers ten times.
Corruption Cleansed Complete 5 Malignant Tunnels.
Exceptional Potency Upgrade your potions to Moderate.
Steel From Iron Upgrade two items to level 3 at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
Purging the Plague Use one Wrathful Malignant Invoker in a Malignant Tunnel.

The two we do not recommend doing are the Grim Reward objective and the Hunter’s Whispers. The Grim Rewards is a very long grind for doing Tree of Whispers content, meaning that’s ten different Tree Dungeons, or anywhere between 30-100 other objectives from the small reward missions.

Instead, you can spend your time actually doing other events when they are available, such as keeping an eye on a World Boss Timer for the Shattered Prisms or killing Treasure Goblins you happen to find on your travels. If you are having trouble getting these, then you can do ten Tree of Whispers Dungeons and complete the other one we didn’t recommend, as this can be annoying. You should have four just by getting to the third chapter though, so you only need one World Boss or lucky Goblin drop.

Also, in this level range, you want to be farming dungeons anyway to level up, and get your legendary drop rates improved. So, you can easily get all the resources you need for the other missions on this list.

As for the Stronghold objective, we highly recommend doing the following:

These five strongholds are the ones with the fewest messing around missions and have the lesser annoying enemies to fight. So, you can do them very quickly. However, you must be around level 35 to complete the majority of them. If not, we recommend doing either the Dry Steppes Strongholds, Scosglen Strongholds or Fractured Peak Strongholds, as they require a much lower level to complete.

Also, the Elixir craft is very easy to complete. All you need to do is craft five "Weak Iron Barb Elixir" iconWeak Iron Barb Elixirs, which are the cheapest potions to make. If you don’t have enough plants, go for a quick regent run in Fractured Peaks, and pick up ingredients as and when you can. The region between Yelesna and Malnok has plenty of close by "Gallowvine" iconGallowvine spawns if you need it to craft your potions. Don’t forget you can trade Gallowvine for other plants at the Potion store for the other ingredients you need!

Lastly, the five Malignant Tunnel mission should grant you enough resources you need to craft a Wrathful Invoker. You will have had plenty of resources from doing events while you have been leveling, along with some of the Chapter rewards, and storyline quests such as Prayer For Salvation. Once you have the Wrathful Invoker, you need to find a Wrathful Overgrowth from a Tunnel, use it on it.

Other than that, the rest of the challenges should come rather naturally as you play the game. Congratulations on progressing this far on the Season Journey!

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