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Diablo IV

Renown in Diablo 4

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin

Diablo IV brings a lot of new features and formulas to the Diablo systems we have come to know and love over the years. One such system is Renown, which plays a massive part in everything you do in Sanctuary. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the Renown system.

You’ll need to make full use of the Renown system in Diablo 4.

What is Renown in Diablo 4?

As mentioned above, Renown is one of the most important new systems when it comes to Diablo 4. It’s the core to the entire progression system of Diablo 4 and is designed around getting you to explore each of Sanctuary’s regions and offering powerful rewards. It can be likened to that of a reputation system often found in MMOs and is something that players should look to complete before moving on to the next region on that particular character.

Renown comes in five levels for each of the regions, and every time you reach a new level, you’ll obtain powerful rewards that are useful for both your current character and account. It will also persist across all of your characters, which means you won’t have to perform these tasks on any additional characters you create.

(1 of 3) You can earn Renown in a variety of ways, including by activating Waypoints,

How to Earn Renown in Diablo 4?

So now that you know what Renown is, you may be wondering how you go about obtaining it. You’ll be pleased to know that almost all activities you do in a given region will reward you some manner of Renown beyond the other rewards they offer. This means you’ll need to set out to complete nearly everything a region has in it if you want to score that max level Renown in a region and the powerful account-wide boosts they offer.

The table below gives you a breakdown of how much Renown to expect from each of the activities in a region:

Activity Renown
Areas Discovered 5
Altars of !Lilith 10
Activating Waypoints 20
Side Quest Completion 20
Dungeon Completion 30
Stronghold Completion 100

As for how many you can expect of each activity, you can usually expect more than 60 areas to discover on the map, this is achieved by heading to a part of the map that is not uncovered yet. You can also expect more than 20+ Side Quests, Dungeons, and Altars of !Lilith in each region, while Strongholds are far fewer in number, but are more difficult and open up more Side Quests and Dungeons.

  • If you need help tracking all Altars of Lilith Statues, we have a Lilith Statue Map, which will help you find them all.

Earning Renown in a region will earn you various rewards as you reach Renown tiers.

Renown Rewards in Diablo 4

You now know what Renown is, and how to earn it, but the most important question is, what do you get for it, and why should you go out of you way to do it? You’ll get a reward for each level, and they’re so significant because they impact more than just your currently played character, but all other characters on your account.

The table below details what you can expect from each level of Renown you gain:

Renown Level Points Needed Character Reward Account Reward World Tier
1 200 XP (scales based on current Level), 3,000 Gold Skill Point +1 Any
2 300 XP (scales based on current Level), 10,000 Gold Potion Charge +1 Any
3 400 XP (scales based on current Level), 25,000 Gold Skill Point +1 Any
4 400 XP (scales based on current Level), 60,000 Gold Max Obols +80 World Tier 3+
5 500 XP (scales based on current Level), 150,000 Gold Paragon Points +4 World Tier 3+

As you can see, some of the boons you’ll get are quite generous. If you want to maximize your builds, you’ll need those two Skill Points, and with five regions, you can earn an additional 10 Skill Points this way - a significant portion of the 58 Skill Points each character can earn.

In addition, you’ll gain one Potion charge for each region you attain Renown Tier 2 in, for a total of five extra Potion charges. Compared to the paltry four Potion charges you start out with, this constitutes a massive boost to your character’s staying power, and should be seen as the minimum threshold you should attain before seriously engaging with higher difficulties (World Tier 3 and up).

Max Obols is a bit of a step down, you use these to gamble, a surprisingly lucrative diversion, and you gain Murmuring Obols by completing events. Being able to keep more on hand is welcome, but it’s not going to change your build or keep you alive longer in a boss fight.

The last tier is quite a grind, and yield a bonus that’s really only useful once you’ve hit level 50 and unlocked [Paragon Levels]: Paragon Points. It’s essentially one full level’s worth of Paragon Points, which will allow you to unlock four nodes on a Paragon Board - not bad, but not something you need to fuss over until you unlock World Tier 3.

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