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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - The Way of the Three Walkthrough

Matt Chard

As you’re approaching the end of the story in Diablo 4, and you’re heading down the Gates to Hell, you may notice an Empty Altar with three plaques near it on one of the stairs. Well, this is a Quest, but you’ll need to do some things first before you can accept it.

You’ll need to light up three statues before the quest will appear here.

Light up the Three Statues in Diablo IV

If you read the three plaques, they each give you a hint on where to find the statue, and what to do when you find them. Unfortunately, these are rather cryptic, so we’ll tell you where you can find them. When you find the statues, you’ll need to use the “Cheer” emote to light them up.

Statue 1 - Diablo: Lord of Terror

Location Map Marker
Shrine of Terror, Kehjistan Map Marker

Divine Dialon, god of determination, pass judgment upon the weak. May our souls be cleansed and resolve strengthened. Our hands are torn as we move soil and stone for you. Your servants Praise at the feet of your effigy to be bathed in eternal flame. - Diablo Plaque.

This is quite hard to decipher, but Diablo is known as the Lord of Terror, and you may have visited a place called the “Shrine of Terror” while on your travels. This is a place where an event spawns, just northeast of Gea Kul.

From the Gea Kul waypoint, exit the city via the northwest exit (can use the other exit too if you want), and make your way to the Shrine of Terror by heading northeast. If you have trouble finding it, use our map pins above to find it. When you get to the Shrine of Terror, head to the climbing point at the north of the area to find the statue. Now, use the “Cheer” emote, and fire will light in one of its hands.

Perform the Cheer Emote to light up the statue.

Statue 2 - Mephisto Lord of Hatred

Location Map Marker
Outside Denshar (northwest exit), Kehjistan Map Marker

Magnificent Mefis, beacon of love, hear your accursed servant. Anoint us with your infinite grace. Cleanse our minds, so we might repel malevolent forces. Where friend turns against friend, we cower and Praise before your majesty. - Mephisto Plaque.

By reading the plaque, you’ll get the clue written above. The bolded parts are the only pertinent information out of it all. A place where friend turn against friend? "Fields of Hatred" iconFields of Hatred. Praise? Cheer emote.

Now, there are two Fields of Hatred, so you’d need to check both of them… if you weren’t following this walkthrough. Head to the Denshar waypoint, and exit the town via the northwest exit. Follow the path a little until you’re about to turn the corner. On this corner is where you’ll find the destroyed statue. This can be difficult to see at first as it’s only the head of the statue left, and it kind of blends in with the environment. To make things easier, it is on the right side (top) part of the corner. When you do find it, perform the “Cheer” emote, and its eyes should light up. This means you’ve correctly lit up the statue.

Perform the Cheer Emote to light up the statue.

Statue 3 - Baal: Lord of Destruction

Location Map Marker
"Altar of Ruin" iconAltar of Ruin (near "Sepulcher of the Forsworn" iconSepulcher of the Forsworn), Kehjistan Map Marker

Blessed Bala, architect of all creation, our cursed feet dirty your earth. We walk in accordance to your teachings, so the right path may be found. We bathe in your lifeblood, deep within the crevices of the earth, and Praise your likeness. - Baal Plaque.

This clue is even more cryptic, especially if you don’t know who Baal is. Baal is the Lord of Destruction, and when you combine Destruction with crevices of the earth from the inscriptions, it may get you thinking about somewhere dark, with lava, or magma, that also has something to do with destruction. This leads us to the Altar of Ruin. Ruin and Destruction go hand in hand, and the location is also dark and has magma. Finally, the dungeon above it has the text “Evil stirs beneath the altar of Baal”.

Teleport to the "Altar of Ruin" iconAltar of Ruin (South of Alzuuda), and follow the path north, as if you’re heading toward the "Sepulcher of the Forsworn" iconSepulcher of the Forsworn dungeon. Just before the dungeon, is the large statue of Baal you’re looking for. Finally, use the “Cheer” emote one last time to light it up, and you’ll get an update about the quest. Head back to the Gates of Hell and interact with the marker to accept it.

Perform the Cheer Emote to light up the statue.

The Way of the Three - Mysterious Gate

Now that the three statues have been lit up, and you’ve accepted the quest properly. A Mysterious Gate will appear. Head through the gate to take you into a pseudo dungeon, and head north to find a corpse of a priest on the floor. Interact with the priest to unveil its spirit, and talk to it. This will make a Communing Pillar spawn to the east.

Attack the Pillar, and you’ll have to defeat a few waves of demons. The second (or third) wave will have numerous Elite enemies to defeat, so make sure you save your Ultimate (if you use one) for this phase. Once the enemies are defeated, attack the Pillar again, but this time to its destruction. This will complete the quest.

(1 of 4) Enter the Mysterious Gate to take you to a pseudo dungeon.

The Way of the Three Video

The Way of the Three Rewards

So, what do you get for doing this quest? To be honest, not as much as you’d hope. The quest reward is XP and Gold which scales to your level, and a Unique Rare called Hellfire Hauberk which isn’t anything to write home about. Also, you may get a Legendary if you’re lucky during the Elite phase of the Communing Pillar. The final thing you’ll get, and arguably the most important, is the completion of “The Way of the Three” challenge.

You’ll get the Hellfire Hauberk as a reward for completing the quest.

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