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Diablo IV

All Activities in the Fractured Peaks

Ben Chard

Diablo 4 is nearing release and as such, many players are excited about the upcoming Beta weekends, starting March 17th. With this Beta, you’ll not only get 10 Character Slots with a cap of Level 25, but also access to the entire first Act of the game alongside the Fractured Peaks Region. This page will give you an overview of what you can expect in the snowy mountains.

The Fractured Peaks region is the main focus for the Diablo 4 Beta.

About the Fractured Peaks

Being the main focus of the Open Beta, the Fractured Peaks region are full of snowy pathways atop a harsh mountainous landscape, perfect for all manner of secrets to uncover during your time in Sanctuary for the Beta weekends.

Once you’ve dealt with the prologue, you’ll be let loose to explore this snowscape to your hearts content. Choose to pursue the main story and seek out main story quests, visit the towns and take on sidequests, delve into the dungeons to seek out loot or even challenge the deadly world boss, Ashava once you’re ready alongside other players, the choice is entirely yours.

What you will want to do is seek out the various Waypoints that are scattered around the region as these act as a way for you to teleport around and access events a lot easier. You’ll find a Waypoint in each of the six towns with a further Waypoint becoming available once you cleanse the "Nostrava" iconNostrava Stronghold.

Towns in the Fractured Peaks

As mentioned above, there’s an initial six towns, with a further one becoming available once you clear the Stronghold. Towns are safe areas where you can find vendors, side quests, a Waypoint, and acts as a great place to get together with other demon slayers. When you first reach a town, be sure to track down its Waypoint so that you can easily teleport back here late. "Below" iconBelow are the towns you’ll find in the Fractured Peaks and their rough location on the map:

Town Location
Nevesk Desolate Highlands - Southwest
"Kyovashad" iconKyovashad Desolate Highlands - Northeast
Margrave Dobrev Taiga - Southwest
Yelesna Galle Valley - Southwest
Menestad Sarkova Pass - West
"Bear" iconBear Tribe Refuge "Seat of the Heavens" iconSeat of the Heavens - Northwest
"Nostrava" iconNostrava (Stronghold) Desolate Highlands - North of Nevesk

Strongholds in the Fractured Peaks

One of the major activities in Diablo IV are the Strongholds, areas that have been overrun by the hordes of hell and need liberating. Upon completion, you’ll receive a large boost of Renown along with unlocking new dungeons, quests, vendors and in some cases, new Towns with their own Waypoints.

Needless to say, it’s in your best interest to seek them out and complete them. Below, you’ll find an overview of all three Strongholds in the Fractured Peaks:

Stronghold Level Location Unlocks
"Malnok" iconMalnok 10 East of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad Vendors and two Dungeons
"Nostrava" iconNostrava 12 North of Nevesk Becomes a Town with a Waypoint, Altar of Lilith and a Dungeon
"Kor Dragan" iconKor Dragan 20 North of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad Becomes a place for a World Event

There are plenty of demons to slay in the Fractured Peaks.

Dungeons, Side Quests, and Altars of Lilith in the Fractured Peaks

Dungeons are where you’ll spend a large portion of your time while playing the Diablo 4 Beta and are full of useful rewards. Not only will you get the Renown for completing them, but you’ll often unlock a Legendary Aspect for completing a dungeon for the first time, these can be placed on Gear that is Rare (yellow) and above that make a massive difference to your Character.

Not only do dungeons offer these rewards, but you’ll often find them teeming with Elite enemies which means the chances for higher rarity loot dropping is present here.

Side Quests are another important method of gaining Renown, Experience, and Gold while progressing through Diablo 4 and like Dungeons, may require you to progress the story further. Clearing some Strongholds may have new people move to the area and as such, offer new Side Quests.

Finally, you’ll come across many Altars of Lilith scattered all over the Fractured Peaks, interacting with one of these will offer a permanent increase of one of your stats across all characters on your account, along with some Renown. These are crucial to track down in every region across Sanctuary.

Below, you can find a breakdown of how many of each of these activities you can find:

Dungeons Side Quests Altars of Lilith
23 24 28

Ashava World Boss

As mentioned at the top of the page, you’ll also be able to take on the first World Boss of Diablo 4 during the Beta weekends. Ashava is a challenging boss that can be challenged by any number of players that are on that specific server, a first for the Diablo series. You’ll be able to find out how to deal with Ashava by checking out our Ashava tactics and location page. Unfortunately, Ashava is only available at set times during the Beta weekend, which you can learn more about by heading to our World Boss Time page.

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