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Diablo IV

Diablo 4 - Liberation Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Events are semi-random activities you can engage in located at fixed locations throughout Sanctuary - where Events spawn is fixed, but what event will actually be at a location at any given time varies. When you’re near the location of an Event spawn, if there’s an active Event ready the area will be marked with a red circle. Sometimes you have to interact with some object or NPC to kick off the Event, other times the Event will start once you get close enough. All events respawn after a short period of time. This page will cover how to find and complete the "Liberation" iconLiberation Event in Diablo 4

How to Start the Liberation Event in Diablo 4

Liberation is a somewhat rare Event in Diablo 4, only appearing in certain set piece areas designed for it. One such location is Radiance Field Cemetery, located conveniently just south of "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad. Keep in mind that while Liberation can spawn here, it’s not the only event that can appear at the Radiance Field Cemetery.

(1 of 3) You’ll start the even off by burying the remains of various spirits - enemies will likely spawn around the event area, but you’re not timed.

How to Complete the Liberation Event in Diablo 4

As a bit of novelty, the Liberation event doesn’t require you to slay hosts of enemies in a timely manner… at least not initially. Your starting task for this event is more benevolent - you must seek out unburied remains and properly inter them to put their lamenting spirit to rest. There are six of these restive spirits that need the reprieve that can only be found by a few inches of dirt scattered in semi-random locations throughout the area.

Of course, while combat isn’t strictly necessary at this phase of the event, it can nonetheless be difficult to avoid, as enemies will spawn near these sad spirits. You can ignore enemies and attempt to interact with the spirits, but you must wait for a bar to fill before the task is complete, and even if you can’t get interrupted by enemy intervention, you’ll still leave yourself open to damage for a while. All in all, it’s probably easier to dispose of any enemies you encounter. Oddly enough, this phase of the event isn’t timed, nor are enemy spawns infinite, or even guaranteed near each spirit. That being the case, the amount of work you’ll have to do each time this event spawns can vary, but it’s generally a fairly leisurely task.

If there’s any strategy in this phase, it’s simply to ignore the spirit in a central location and save it for last, as when you bury the final spirit, an event boss will spawn. This enemy usually spawns in a central location (it’ll be the same spot each time) and the mastery bonus requires you to smite this foe in under 60 seconds - the more time you spend walking back to this boss, the less time you’ll have to fight. That said, the event boss isn’t usually that challenging, especially since you can choose exactly when you want to bury the last spirit - there’s no reason you shouldn’t go into this fight at full health and with all your cooldowns ready.

Defeat the event boss to complete the event spawning a chest that will drop magical items and possibly some crafting components and/or gems, as well as some Murmuring Obols. You’ll also earn XP and Gold based on your level. If you completed the “mastery” objective for the event you’ll earn more of pretty much everything above.

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