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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request 114: Rotom's Path of Solitude

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Request 114: “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” in the “Daybreak” DLC for Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

How to Unlock Request 114

(1 of 2) Thats Gared over there.

Thats Gared over there. (left), Rotom is a versatile Pokémon, but the developers were prepared for this. (right)

After completing Request 102, you can receive 10 requests related to the Path of Solitude–including this request–by speaking to Gared at the Jubilife Village Training Grounds.

1. Participate in the Path of Solitude with Rotom

To complete this request, you must enroll Rotom in the Path of Solitude.

Speak to Ingo at the Training Grounds with Rotom as your only party member and choose the “Path of Solitude” option. You can change your party by choosing the “Select Pokémon” option when speaking with Ingo.

Warden Ingo

(1 of 2) What Pokémon would Rotom be afraid of?

What Pokémon would Rotom be afraid of? (left), Of course, it had to be Garchomp, which strikes terror in most Pokémon… (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Garchomp 70 pokemonplatypedragon.pngpokemonplatypeground.png

Before beginning this fight, we recommend changing Rotom into its Frost (fridge) form. To do so, you must buy the Mechanical Cabinet from Ginter, who’s running a stall between your house and Galaxy Hall. Once you’ve purchased it, enter your house and inspect the bright orange fridge.

(1 of 2) Be sure to buy this OOPA from Ginter.

Be sure to buy this OOPA from Ginter. (left), Back at home, inspect the fridge to change Rotom into its Frost form. (right)

Besides that, try and get your Rotom to as close to Level 70 as possible. The regular ones from Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Coronet Highlands are around Level 60, while alpha ones are Level 80+.

If you have spare Grit items, we’d recommend boosting Rotom’s Effort Levels, especially for Sp. Atk and Speed. Don’t forget to change Rotom’s moves so it has Blizzard as well! Otherwise your Frost Rotom will be rather pointless.

(1 of 2) Your Rotom needs to outspeed Garchomp to win.

Your Rotom needs to outspeed Garchomp to win. (left), It also needs to land two 75% accurate Blizzards… (right)

Even with a Frost Rotom, victory against Garchomp is fairly difficult. Given the chance, Garchomp will use Flamethrower, which will probably knock off more than half of Rotom’s HP. Meanwhile, Rotom’s Blizzard may not score a OHKO, despite dealing quadruple damage.

Ideally, you want your Rotom to act before Garchomp does. A Speed-boosting Nature like Timid would help for this. This will allow your Rotom to use Blizzard, tank a Flamethrower, then finish off Garchomp with another Blizzard. That said, Blizzard has poor accuracy; the chance of getting two Blizzards to land is just over 50%. Thus be prepared to retry the fight.

Reward for Request 114

Yes, Gared, we are enjoying the Path of Solitude.

Succeed in vanquishing Garchomp and Ingo will give you some rewards such as Exp. Candies or Grit items. Additionally, for your first clear, he’ll add a “Path of Solitude” stamp in Rotom’s Pokédex page.

Show the stamp to Gared to complete this request, earning you:

  • Seed of Mastery x1
  • Exp. Candy L x1


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