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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Mission 25: The Plate of Prelude Beach

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Mission 25: “The Plate of Prelude Beach” in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Start Mission 25

(1 of 2) Back we go, to the very beginning.

Back we go, to the very beginning. (left), By that, we mean Prelude Beach. (right)

You’ll receive Mission 25 (along with four other missions) after speaking to Cogita during the postgame mission “The Researcher of Myths”. It seems there’s a plate to be found at the place where you first arrived at the Hisui region.

1. Return to Jubilife Village

Even though this is the 5th mission that Cogita gives you, it’s the first mission that you’ll become involved in. After returning to Jubilife Village from the Ancient Retreat, you’ll immediately run into Commander Kamado. He’ll ask you to meet him at Prelude Beach.

2. Meet Commander Kamado at Prelude Beach

Whenever you’re free, make your way to the jetty at Prelude Beach. To save a bit of time, you can fast-travel to the Practice Field, then follow the westward trail. You won’t find a Legendary Pokémon, but you will find a legendary commander ready for a battle!

Galaxy Team’s Kamado

(1 of 2) Kamado is here for a rematch!

Kamado is here for a rematch! (left), He'll lead with Golem rather than Braviary. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Golem" IconGolem 65 pokemonplatyperock.pngpokemonplatypeground.png
"Clefable" IconClefable 65 pokemonplatypefairy.png
"Braviary" IconBraviary (Hisuian) 65 pokemonplatypepsychic.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png
"Heracross" IconHeracross 65 pokemonplatypebug.pngpokemonplatypefighting.png
"Snorlax" IconSnorlax 66 pokemonplatypenormal.png

This is one of the tougher fights you’ll come across. Kamado has a team of 5 varied Pokémon; they’re the same ones during his first fight, but with the addition of "Heracross" IconHeracross.

This time, Kamado leads with "Golem" IconGolem. Water or Grass-types are strongly recommended. Golem can use Thunder Punch to punish Water-types, but it shouldn’t survive to use it.

Next up, Kamado may send out "Clefable" IconClefable. Like during the first fight, Steel-types are ideal, since Clefable can use Psychic to damage Poison-types. Be wary of Calm Mind, which boosts Clefable’s offensive and defensive stats.

Versus Kamado’s Hisuian "Braviary" IconBraviary, you can’t go wrong with Dark-types. This will prevent Braviary from using Esper Wing. Besides that, you could use Electric, Ice, Rock or Ghost-types.

Heracross is new to Kamado’s team, but nothing too outstanding. Flying-types will inflict massive damage; Fire and Psychic-types are also great (but Psychic-types should be wary of Pin Missile). Try to eliminate it quickly or it’ll buff itself with Swords Dance.

Lastly, "Snorlax" IconSnorlax should be countered with Fighting-types, where possible. Beware that Snorlax can use Zen Headbutt though. Although it’s tempting, Close Combat is risky to use. If your Pokémon knows it, Drain Punch can keep them alive and kicking.

(1 of 2) The Fist Plate is all yours.

The Fist Plate is all yours. (left), Onward, to the next mission! (right)

Turn the tables against Kamado and you’ll be rewarded with the Fist Plate. With that, you have another completed mission under your belt.

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