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How to Find & Catch Dialga & Palkia

Staci Miller

This page contains everything you need to know to find and catch "Dialga" IconDialga and "Palkia" IconPalkia in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Unlock Dialga and Palkia

Unlike most of the Legendaries, "Dialga" IconDialga and "Palkia" IconPalkia are actually unlocked during the main story rather than being side quests in the post-game.

Near the end, you’ll be kicked out of Jubilife Village and must go and collect the pieces of the Red Chain. You’ll be asked who you want to accompany you on your journey: Adaman of the Diamond clan, or Irida of the Pearl clan?

Since "Dialga" IconDialga is associated with Diamond and "Palkia" IconPalkia with Pearl, you can guess which Legendary you’ll come upon first based on your choice. Don’t worry, though — you’ll get the chance to catch both of them.

At the end of the mission Atop Mount Coronet, you’ll come across the first one and fight it. After the fight, it will become clear you got the wrong one and you’ll have to go and get the other after crafting a special Ball to catch it: the Origin Ball.

How to Beat Dialga and Palkia

For the first Pokémon you fight, you’ll have to attack it just like you would a Frenzied Pokémon and then battle it when its health is whittled down. For the second, you’ll only have to do the Frenzied portion and won’t have to actually engage in a Pokémon battle — you’ll automatically throw the Origin Ball at the end — so, really, you only have to fight one of them and it’ll be the one you happen upon first.

The Dialga FIght

If you’re fighting "Dialga" IconDialga, it will be Level 65. Throw the balms and dodge attacks to whittle down the top bar to the bottom and then it’s time to engage in a Pokémon fight.

"Dialga" IconDialga is a pokemonbdspdragon17.png / pokemonbdspsteel17.png type Pokémon. That means its main weaknesses are Fighting and Ground-type moves. "Lucario" IconLucario and "Machamp" IconMachamp are bothe excellent counters, if you have either in your party.

The goal is to get down the health enough to start throwing Ultra Balls and catch it (as Great Balls are unlikely to do the job). Using a status move can really help, though it’s always important to beware of conditions like poisoning and burning which could make the Pokémon faint.

The Palkia Fight

If you’re up against "Palkia" IconPalkia first, it will be Level 65 too. Throw the balms and dodge attacks in the same way you did Frenzied Pokémon to whittle down the top bar to the bottom and then it’s time for a fight.

"Palkia" IconPalkia is a pokemonbdspdragon17.png / pokemonbdspWater17.png type Pokémon. Its main weaknesses are Fairy and Dragon-type moves, so if you have Pokémon lined up with them, you should be all set.

Much like Dalgia, you’ll want to bring down the health to the red and throw Ultra Balls while being careful not to make the Pokémon faint. A move like Thunder Wave or Hypnosis is also very handy for making the Pokémon easier to catch.

Make sure you’re loaded up on plenty of Balls for either one!


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