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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request 73: Which Is the Real Burmy?

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Request 73: Which is the Real Burmy? in Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS (PLA).

Request 73: Which is the Real Burmy?

This request can be picked up from Leif, who’s found southeast of the farmland in Jubilife Village. Leif and his friends are arguing over which is the real burmy, and you’ll be tasked with showing them the three forms of Burmy - trash cloak (pink), sandy cloak (beige) and plant cloak (green). After showing them the three Burmy forms, you’ll then be asked to show them a completed Pokédex Entry for Burmy.

Burmys are always found in shaking trees. You’ll need to throw one of your Pokémon out at the tree (like you would usually to harvest fruit) and then battle to catch them.

Where to Find Trash Cloak Burmy

Trash Cloak Burmy are pink and can be found more commonly in Cobalt Coastlands. Keep an eye out for shaking trees, particularly near Castaway Shore.

Pink Trash Cloak Burmy.

Where to Find Sandy Cloak Burmy

Sandy Cloak Burmy are sandy in color (obviously) and can often be found in trees in Crimson Mirelands, particularly near Gapejaw Bog and Lake Valor (see our map for potential spawn locations). Your best bet is just to keep an eye out for shaking trees and chances are it’s a burmy!

Sandy Cloak Burmy.

Where to Find Plant Cloak Burmy

Plant Cloak Burmy are green and are found most frequently in trees in Obsidian Fieldlands (see our map for potential spawn locations). If you’re a higher level picking this request up, be careful not to one-shot the low levelled Burmy found in Obsidian Fieldlands - remember, you need to catch one to show them!

Plant Cloak Burmy.

How to Complete Burmy’s Pokédex Entry

Once you’ve found all three forms and shown them to Leif and his friends, you’ll be tasked with showing them a completed Pokédex entry for Burmy. At this stage, it’s very likely you’ve already been hounded enough by pesky Burmys in trees that you’ve already completed the Pokédex entry. If not, you can find the research tasks below and a quick method for completing the entry.

Burmy Research Tasks

Task Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Milestone 4 Milestone 5
researchtaskicon.pngNumber caught 1 3 6 12 25
Number Defeated 1 3 6 12 25
Number you’ve defeated with Flying-type moves 1 2 5 10 20
Times you’ve seen it use Struggle Bug 1 3 6 12 25
researchtaskicon.png Number of different forms you’ve obtained 3
Number you’ve seen leap out of trees 1 3 6 12 25
researchtaskicon.pngNumber you’ve evolved 1 2 3

Completing Burmy’s entry is pretty easy as you’ll often be doubling up on research tasks and earning more points. For example, you’ll get points for seeing them leap out of trees, and then you’ll also get points depending on if you choose to catch or defeat them - you can also just run away from them but you won’t get any points for that. Catching them is preferrable as you’ll earn double the research points and complete the entry way quicker. You’ll also get 2 research levels for having seen the three Burmy forms!

Once you’ve shown them the Burmy Pokédex Entry you’ll get x1 Leaf Stone and x3 Exp. Candy M.


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