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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Frenzied Noble Hisuian Electrode

Vincent Lau

This page includes strategies for fighting Frenzied Noble Electrode in Pokémon Legends Arceus (PLA).

(1 of 2) Electrode: Lord of the Hollow.

Electrode: Lord of the Hollow. (left), This Lord will summon Voltorbs to assault you. (right)

During the main story, you must calm the fury of Hisuian Electrode, the Noble Pokémon that watches over the Coronet Highlands.

Hisuian Elecrode’s Info

Hisuian Electrode is a new form of Electrode. It evolves from a Hisuian Voltorb after using a Leaf Stone.

Pokémon Level Type
Electrode (Hisuian) 46 pokemonplatypeelectric.pngpokemonplatypegrass.png

Hisuian Electrode’s Weaknesses & Strengths

The Hisuian Electrode is weak to Fire, Ice, Poison and Bug. Conversely, it resists Water, Electric, Grass and Steel.

Hisuian Electrode’s Attacks

Versus You

When battling Noble Electrode head on, these are the attacks to watch out for.

Throughout the battle, Electrode will shoot slow-moving electric balls that always home in to your position. You cannot get rid of these balls (although they will disappear by themselves eventually), so your only option is to keep moving.

Electrode’s main attack is to shake its body, triggering Voltorbs to drop down from above. After a Voltorb touches the ground, a circular ring will surround it. Then the Voltorb will discharge, inflicting damage. While evading the chasing electric balls, be careful not to run towards a Voltorb; if in doubt, dodge out of the way with the Y button.

After a while, Electrode will perform its ultimate attack. It’ll shoot straight up, then crash near your position. A large circular ring will surround it, while it slowly chases you. Needless to say, you want to get away from the ring. Otherwise, you’ll be caught in a massive explosion.

When Electrode’s HP falls, instead of the usual yellow electric balls, it can conjure blue electric balls that move faster. These balls will require all your effort just to outrun them, leaving you with next to no time to throw balms, unless you want to get shocked.

Versus Pokémon

When sending a Pokémon to fight Electrode, the Noble will use these moves:

  • Thunderbolt: A strong Electric-type attack.
  • Thunder: A powerful, if inaccurate Electric-type attack.
  • Thunder Wave: May inflict paralysis, lowering the target’s Speed and making them occasionally unable to act.
  • Energy Ball: A strong Grass-type attack.

Battling Hisuian Electrode

Recommended Pokémon

The NPCs in the story will encourage you to bring a Ground-type, but this is a trap because Hisuian Electrode is also a Grass-type and most Ground-types are weak to Grass. Some common Ground-types like Gastrodon, Golem and Rhyperior even take quadruple damage from Grass due to being part Water or Rock

There are a few Ground-types that are safe to use, although they’re all somewhat hard to acquire. The easiest one (but still difficult) is Gabite or Garchomp, which you can evolve from a Gible found at the Wayward Cave or near Celestica Ruins.

(1 of 2) If you send out a Ground-type, Electrode will counter with Energy Ball.

If you send out a Ground-type, Electrode will counter with Energy Ball. (left), Prioritize Fire, Ice, Poison or Bug attacks. (right)

Besides that, there’s Gliscor. You’ll have to somehow find a Razor Fang to evolve a Gligar at night. Gligar drops Razor Fang with a 8% chance or you may find one in a Space-Time Distortion. There’s also a Level 77 Alpha at the Primeval Grotto, but good luck catching it and making it obey you…

Ground-types aside, you could bring along some types that merely resist Electric and/or Grass. Parasect is worth considering, since it resists both and its Bug-type attacks will hurt Electrode. Similarly, Roserade also resists both and can counter with Poison-type attacks.


For this battle, you’ll likely be doing a whole lot of running. During the first half, when you’re chased by the yellow electric balls, you can afford to chuck some balms at Electrode while running from the balls and evading the exploding Voltorbs. However, always prioritize not getting hit over throwing balms.

(1 of 2) When Electrode explodes, itll become stunned.

When Electrode explodes, itll become stunned. (left), Run up to Electrode and chuck an Electric-resistant Pokémon at it. (right)

Eventually, Electrode will slowly chase you, while preparing to explode. The ring that marks the explosion radius is quite large, overlapping most of the arena, but you should be able to escape it before it’s too late. To avoid being trapped by the edge of the arena, we suggest running diagonally away from Electrode, rather than in a straight line.

After Electrode explodes, it will become stunned. That’s your cue to send out a Pokémon to obliterate Electrode’s HP. Ground-types have the advantage of avoiding three of Electrode’s attacks, including the annoying Thunder Wave. But make sure they’re capable of eating an Energy Ball.

(1 of 2) Whack Electrode with your Pokémon to make it lower its guard.

Whack Electrode with your Pokémon to make it lower its guard. (left), Here you go, EAT your favorite food! (right)

As usual, reducing Electrode’s HP to 0 will make it drop its guard. It’s at this point, you should unload your balms like crazy, because you won’t get many opportunities to throw balms otherwise. Soon, Electrode will recover and the cycle repeats.

At lower HP, Electrode will start sending blue, faster-moving electric balls to chase you. It’s very difficult to outrun these balls and throw balms, so you should only focus on one–and that’s probably running, unless you want to get hit! But if Electrode’s frenzy gauge is nearly depleted, you could throw some balms and let yourself get hit.


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