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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Space Time-Distortion Encounters in Obsidian Fieldlands

Vincent Lau

This page lists all the Pokémon found during Space-Time Distortions at the Obsidian Fieldlands in Pokémon Legends Arceus (PLA).

Possible Space-Time Distortion Locations

(1 of 2) Space-Time Distortion at Windswept Run.

Space-Time Distortion at Windswept Run. (left), Approaching the Space-Time Distortion. (right)

Space-Time Distortions can appear in the following locations within the Obsidian Fieldlands:

Description Map Marker
At the center of Windswept Run. Map Marker
At the center of Sandgem Flats. Map Marker
Nature’s Pantry. Map Marker
West of Horseshoe Plains. Map Marker

Pokémon Encounters

Exclusive Pokémon

Gengar, Sneasel (Johtonian), Weavile, Leafeon and Sylveon can only be caught inside Space-Time Distortions. This is particularly important if you’re a fan of the Johtonian Sneasel line!

Common Spawns

(1 of 2) Lets try and get the jump on Gengar.

Lets try and get the jump on Gengar. (left), A three-way battle with Leafeon, Haunter and Steelix. (right)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate (Normal) Encounter Rate (Alpha)
Eevee pokemonplatypenormal.png 9.16% 0.18%
Gengar pokemonplatypeghost.pngpokemonplatypepoison.png 1.83% 0.18%
Haunter pokemonplatypeghost.pngpokemonplatypepoison.png 18.32% 0.18%
Leafeon pokemonplatypegrass.png 1.83% 0.18%
Lickilicky pokemonplatypenormal.png 9.16% 0.18%
Lickitung pokemonplatypenormal.png 18.32% 0.18%
Onix pokemonplatyperock.pngpokemonplatypeground.png 13.74% 0.18%
Steelix pokemonplatypesteel.pngpokemonplatypeground.png 1.83% 0.18%
Sylveon pokemonplatypefairy.png 1.83% 0.18%
Toxicroak pokemonplatypepoison.pngpokemonplatypefighting.png 3.66% 0.18%
Ursaring pokemonplatypenormal.png 18.32% 0.18%

Rare Spawns

(1 of 2) A Johtonian Sneasel.

A Johtonian Sneasel. (left), Weavile. (right)

Only three of these will appear per distortion. They have a pre-determined spawn location and only appear when you’re near.

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate (Normal) Encounter Rate (Alpha)
Sneasel (Johtonian) pokemonplatypedark.pngpokemonplatypeice.png 89.29% 0.89%
Weavile pokemonplatypedark.pngpokemonplatypeice.png 8.93% 0.89%


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