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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request 116: Roselia's Path of Solitude

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Request 116: “Roselia’s Path of Solitude” in the “Daybreak” DLC for Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

How to Unlock Request 116

(1 of 2) Were starting to run out of things to say about Gared.

Were starting to run out of things to say about Gared. (left), Only Gared is ballsy enough to give you 10 requests at once. (right)

After completing Request 102, you can receive 10 requests related to the Path of Solitude–including this request–by speaking to Gared at the Jubilife Village Training Grounds.

1. Participate in the Path of Solitude with Roselia

To complete this request, Roselia must come out on top in the Path of Solitude.

Speak to Ingo at the Training Grounds with Roselia as your only party member and choose the “Path of Solitude” option. You can change your party by choosing the “Select Pokémon” option when speaking with Ingo.

Warden Ingo

(1 of 2) Sure, Ingo, do your worst!

Sure, Ingo, do your worst! (left), We take that back. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Staravia 60 pokemonplatypenormal.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png

A high Level Roselia would be advantageous for this fight; you can catch Level 60+ ones from Budew outbreaks during Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Crimson Mirelands. If you’ve got spare Grit items, consider boosting Roselia’s Effort Levels in Sp. Atk and Speed.

In terms of moves, we recommend Sludge Bomb, which you can learn from Zisu, who’s standing nearby. Use a Seed of Mastery obtained from other Path of Solitude requests etc. to master this. Also, Venoshock (learned at Level 25) is a must.

The trick to winning this fight is forcing Staravia to use Rest, which will restore its health but make it drowsy. To do so, you need to whack Staravia with a really hard move. For instance, a Strong-Style Sludge Bomb. If Staravia doesn’t use Rest, it’ll use Aerial Ace, which deals massive damage to Roselia.

(1 of 2) You need to deal enough damage to make Staravia rest and heal itself.

You need to deal enough damage to make Staravia rest and heal itself. (left), Afterwards, unleash a Strong-Style double-damage Venoshock on the drowsy bird. (right)

After Staravia uses Rest, there’s a chance it’ll be unable to attack. But don’t bet on it. The important thing is you need to survive to use a Strong-Style Venoshock (deals double damage when foe has a status ailment) and hopefully one-shot Staravia.

This battle is much easier if Roselia can act first. So try and look for a Roselia with a Speed-boosting Nature like Timid or Naive (but not Jolly because it lowers Sp. Attack). That way, the flow should go Strong-Style Sludge Bomb, Staravia uses Rest and (if you’re unlucky) Aerial Ace, followed by Strong-Style Venoshock.

If Roselia doesn’t act first or the Strong-Style Venoshock doesn’t OHKO Staravia, you may need to train Roselia some more. Or keep retrying and hope that Staravia loses actions due to drowsiness.

Reward for Request 116

Its a good thing they keep giving you Seeds of Mastery!

For defeating Staravia, Ingo will give you some rewards such as Exp. Candies or Grit items. Additionally, for your first clear, he’ll add a “Path of Solitude” stamp in Roselia’s Pokédex page.

Show the stamp to Gared to complete this request, earning you:

  • Seed of Mastery x1
  • Exp. Candy L x1


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