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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

How to Find & Catch Mesprit

Staci Miller

This page explains everything you need to know about finding and catching Mepsrit in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

Mesprit can be caught in the post-game.

How to Unlock Mesprit

The first thing you’ll have to do to unlock Mepsrit is, as with all of the Legendaries, beat the game. Complete the main story and let the credits roll before you move onto Legendary hunting.

Speak with Cogita at her home at the Ancient Retreat. Once you’ve done this, she’ll give you a number of tasks, but the one relevant to "Mesprit" IconMesprit is Research Task 21: The Plate of the Lakes.

Mesprit is one of three Pokémon you can come across in this quest. Check out our guide on how to catch azelf and our guide on how to catch Uxie for the others. You can take on the Pokémon in any order.

After getting this, you’ll want to head to the first part of the task that will unlock Mesprit for you. Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands and head west to find Lake Verity. You’ll be greeted not by Mesprit, like you might expect, but by an Alpha "Goodra" IconGoodra.

How to Beat the Alpha Goodra

It’s up to you if you want to beat or catch the Alpha Goodra — it’s always good to have another strong Pokémon in the pastures, just in case!

The Alpha Goodra will be Level 58. It’s a pokemon_bdsp_dragon17.png pseudo-Legendary, so make sure you choose your Pokémon accordingly as it’s quite a tough Alpha (understandably, since it’s guarding a Legendary). It’s probably best not to send out another Dragon-type against Goodra. Instead, pick a Steel or Fairy-type and that should do the job.

Be careful not to make the Pokémon faint if you want to catch it. At Level 58, an Ultra Ball should do it or you might just get lucky with a Great Ball.

After clearing Goodra out of the way, you can then find Mesprit.

How to Beat Mesprit

Mesprit is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves.

Mesprit is a pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png type, so get your Pokémon ready. Don’t send out any Fighting-types, for example. Psychic Pokémon are weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves, so readying them is the best thing to do.

It will be Level 70, like the other Legendaries, so prepare for a tough fight.

Ideally, you want to catch Mesprit rather than defeat it. Make sure you whittle down the health to the yellow or red bar (but not too much, so as not to make it faint) and then keep throwing Ultra Balls. Balls that are any less powerful aren’t likely enough to do the job, and you’ll even have to be armed with a lot of Ultra Balls.

Status moves can also help to wear down the Pokémon and make them easier to catch. Paralysis and sleep are ideal, as things that whittle down the health further (like poisoning and burns) are likely to make the Pokémon faint, which means you won’t be able to catch them.

When you defeat or catch Mesprit, you’ll receive the Red Chain for your trouble.

After you’ve caught it, you can then move onto the other lakes and go ahead and find "Uxie" IconUxie and "Azelf" IconAzelf.

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