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Request 76: Mushroom Hunting with Swinub

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on Request 76: Mushroom Hunting with "Swinub" IconSwinub in Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS (PLA).

Request 76: Mushroom Hunting with "Swinub" IconSwinub.

This request is picked up from the Request Board in Galaxy Hall. Before you can pick this request up you’ll need to have access to Alabaster Icelands and also have completed Request 33: What a Massive Mushroom.

You’ll be instructed by the Request Board to go out and find Morel at Heart’s Crag in Alabaster Icelands, which can be found just southeast of Pearl Settlement. When you find him, he’ll ask you to catch a "Swinub" IconSwinub and then put it in your party.

Where to Find Swinub in Arceus

There are a bunch of "Swinub" IconSwinubs all over Alabaster Icelands, so you shouldn’t have any problem catching any! For example, you can find some near Bonechill Wastes and Arena’s Approach.

Once you have a "Swinub" IconSwinub, you’ll need to put it in your party and return to Morel. You’ll now need to find three mushrooms in the Heart’s Crag area. This is super straightforward as you’ll just need to follow the markers around the vicinity and throw your "Swinub" IconSwinub at the areas. On the final mushroom that you scout out with "Swinub" IconSwinub, a Level 50 "Snover" IconSnover will appear! It’s likely that your "Swinub" IconSwinub is a bit under levelled so you’ll want to whip out one of your stronger Pokémon for the fight. It’s weak to a lot of different move-types but is extra vulnerable to fire-type moves so bring out the big (fiery) guns if you need to!

(1 of 2) Use "Swinub" IconSwinub to find mushrooms buried in the snow

Use "Swinub" IconSwinub to find mushrooms buried in the snow (left), watch out for the "Snover" IconSnover that pops out on the final hunt though! (right)

After grabbing all three mushrooms with "Swinub" IconSwinub, return to Morel and you’ll be rewarded with x5 Sand Radish and x1 Exp. Candy L.


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