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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Best Way to find Shiny Pokémon during Mass Outbreaks

Vincent Lau

This page explains the best strategy to find Shiny Pokémon during Mass Outbreaks in Pokémon Legends Arceus (PLA).

(1 of 2) Shiny Eevee during a mass outbreak.

Shiny Eevee during a mass outbreak. (left), Shiny Hisuian Zorua during a mass outbreak. (right)

As we outlined previously, Mass Outbreaks are fantastic for shiny-hunters, because of the vastly increased shiny rate. Pokémon in Mass Outbreaks have 25 extra shiny rolls, increasing the base shiny rate to 1:158. This rate is slightly increased with Research Task completion and the Shiny Charm.

Trouble is, Mass Outbreaks themselves can be rather fussy. Initially, only 4 Pokémon will spawn at the outbreak location and more will appear if you defeat or catch them. However, there’s a finite number of spawns–and the outbreak can disappear before you’ve found your desired shiny.

This method allows you to effectively prolong a Mass Outbreak for as long as you want.

1. Wait For Your Desired Mass Outbreak

(1 of 2) Ress will inform you of any Mass Outbreaks happening.

Ress will inform you of any Mass Outbreaks happening. (left), Lets see… Theres a Luxio outbreak at the Obsidian Fieldlands. (right)

First things first, you need to wait until the Mass Outbreak that you want to farm appears on the world map. The Pokémon featured in a Mass Outbreak is random, so there’s nothing you can really do. Besides continuing to enter and re-enter different areas until a desirable Mass Outbreak shows up.

2. Go to the Area with the Mass Outbreak, then Save

If it’s convenient, head to the area with the Mass Outbreak as soon as you can. When you’re leaving from Jubilife Village, Ress the gatekeeper will mention if there are any Mass Outbreaks available. Once you’re in the area, this is extremely important: save your game! Ideally near the exit.

(1 of 2) Were in the area with the Mass Outbreak.

Were in the area with the Mass Outbreak. (left), Before going anywhere, save your game at the base camp/near the exit. (right)

Saving your game will preserve the current state of the area, such as all Pokémon spawns–includng the Mass Outbreak spawns. Until the moment you leave the area, if you mess up anything (like KOing an alpha or shiny), you can quit your game and reload to try again. Except if you encounter a Space-Time Distortion.

Now, you might wonder why we didn’t tell you to save before entering the area. This is because the game retains the “seed” of the Mass Outbreak spawns until you enter the area. So if you go and approach the Mass Outbreak Pokémon and quit/reload from the village, you’ll keep seeing the same Pokémon–and thus cannot shiny-hunt.

3. Approach the Mass Outbreak Pokémon

(1 of 2) The Luxio outbreak is along the way to Sandgem Flats.

The Luxio outbreak is along the way to Sandgem Flats. (left), Sadly, none of the Luxio are shiny this time. (right)

After saving your game, head over to the Mass Outbreak location. It will appear on the map as a Pokémon icon. If possible, try to carefully approach without alerting any Pokémon. Once the outbreak Pokémon have spawned, check to see if any of them are shiny. You’re looking for a sparkle animation, a jingle chime and a different coloring.

If none of them are shiny, you have two options.

  • For aggressive Pokémon that are bothersome to catch, you may continue to Step 4 without interacting with the outbreak.
  • If the Pokémon are passive, you can catch/scare away all the Pokémon until you find a shiny or the outbreak ends. If none of the additional spawns are shiny, reset your game, reload and then move to Step 4.

Otherwise, if you’re lucky and find a shiny, skip to Step 5.

4. Return to Jubilife Village and Repeat

(1 of 2) If youre faraway, fast-travel back to the base camp.

If youre faraway, fast-travel back to the base camp. (left), Either way, leave for Jubilife Village by approaching the exit or speaking to the Prof. (right)

If none of the outbreak Pokémon are shiny (or you already caught a shiny and want more), leave the area and return to Jubilife Village (fast-traveling to the base camp if necessary).

Back at Jubilife Village, do not save unless you want to stop. Next, begin to depart for the same area with the Mass Outbreak. While checking the world map, one of three things can happen.

  1. The Mass Outbreak remains unchanged (80% chance).
  2. The Mass Outbreak can change to a different Pokémon (4% chance).
  3. The Mass Outbreak disappears completely (16% chance).

If you’re fine with the outcome, you can go back to Step 2 and repeat this strategy.

To emphasize, each time you enter the area anew from Jubilife Village, a new set of Pokémon will spawn at the outbreak location. Therefore allowing you to shiny-hunt.

Otherwise, if the outcome isn’t desirable, quit your game (without saving), reload and repeat from the start of this step (Step 4).

5. Catch the Shiny!

(1 of 2) Whee, shiny Luxio, finally!

Whee, shiny Luxio, finally! (left), Time to catch this baby. (right)

If any of the outbreak Pokémon are shiny, save again (if it’s safe) and obviously try and catch the shiny. In the event you need to battle the shiny–and its buddies gang up on you, focus on KOing its buddies first. Remember you can use the ZL button to switch between targets. Then, after catching the shiny, guess what? Save again!

From here, you can finish and go about your own business as usual. Or–if you’re hungry for more shinies–you may go back and continue from Step 4.

Additional Notes

At any point before leaving the area with the Mass Outbreak, if you encounter any unrelated shiny Pokémon or alpha Pokémon, feel free to save your game. You can then continue using this strategy as normal.


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