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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

New Pokémon in Arceus

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Below, you’ll find the most up-to-date list of all the confirmed new Pokémon that can be found in ARCEUS.

Time to battle some new Pokémon in the Hisui Region (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Are there New Pokémon in Arceus?

There are a few new confirmed Pokémon and new Hisuian forms to be found in the Hisui Region of Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS. See below for all the confirmed Pokémon in ARCEUS so far.

New Pokémon

In the Hisui Region, you’ll find some new evolutions for existing Pokémon.


Wyrdeer is the evolution of Stantler. It is a pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png/ pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png type Pokémon. You’ll be able to ride across the land on the back of a Wyrdeer in Arceus.

Wyrdeer (Credit: The Pokémon Company).


Basculegions are the evolution of Basculin, which have not previously had an evolution. It is a pokemon_bdsp_water17.png /pokemon_bdsp_ghost17.png type Pokémon. You’ll be able to use a Basculegion to travel across the waters of the Hisui Region.

Basculegion (Credit: The Pokémon Company).


Kleavor is a new evolution for the Generation I Pokémon, Scyther. Scyther is a pokemon_bdsp_bug17.png/pokemon_bdsp_flying17.png type Pokémon and Kleavor is a pokemon_bdsp_bug17.png/ pokemon_bdsp_rock17.png type.

You’ll be able to use pieces of stone that have fallen off Kleavor to craft tools!

Kleavor is a new evolution of Scyther. (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Hisuian Pokémon Forms

Some Pokémon you’ll encounter in Hisui will have specific forms that are only found in this particular region. Below are the Pokémon that are confirmed to have Hisuian forms. Pokémon with alternative forms can have different appearances, types, stats and abilities. All of the confirmed Hisuian forms have different appearances and types, meaning they’ll also have new moves corresponding to their new type.

Hisuian Zorua

The original Generation V Zorua is a pokemon_bdsp_dark17.png type Pokémon, but the Hisuian Zorua is a pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png/pokemon_bdsp_ghost17.png type Pokémon.

Hisuian Zorua (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark is the evolution of Hisuian Zorua. The original Zoroark is a pokemon_bdsp_dark17.png type Pokémon, but the Hisuian Zoroark is a pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png/pokemon_bdsp_ghost17.png type Pokémon, like its basic form.

Hisuian Zoroark (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Hisuian Braviary

Hisuian Braviary is a pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png/pokemon_bdsp_flying17.png type Pokémon which evolves from Rufflets found in the Hisui Region. The original Braviary is a pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png/pokemon_bdsp_flying17.png type.

You’ll be able to use Hisuian Braviary to fly across the region, and the perspective whilst flying will allow you to scout out Pokémon and items on the ground below.

Braviary (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Hisuian Voltorb

The Hisuian Voltorb is an pokemon_bdsp_electric17.png / pokemon_bdsp_grass17.png type Pokémon, whereas the original Voltorb is just pokemon_bdsp_electric17.png type. The Hisuian Voltorb is filled with seeds that sprout from the hole on the top of its head.

Currently, there is no confirmation of a Hisuian Electrode form.

Hisuian Voltorb (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Hisuian Growlithe

The Hisuian Growlithe is a pokemon_bdsp_fire17.png / pokemon_bdsp_rock17.png type Pokémon, whereas the original Growlithe is just a pokemon_bdsp_fire17.png type Pokémon.

Growlithe (Credit: The Pokémon Company).

Currently, there is no confirmation of a Hisuian Arcanine form.


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