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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request 115: Bastiodon's Path of Solitude

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Request 115: “Bastiodon’s Path of Solitude” in the “Daybreak” DLC for Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

How to Unlock Request 115

(1 of 2) This is still the same screenshot…

This is still the same screenshot… (left), But this ones different! (right)

After completing Request 102, you can receive 10 requests related to the Path of Solitude–including this request–by speaking to Gared at the Jubilife Village Training Grounds.

1. Participate in the Path of Solitude with Bastiodon

To complete this request, you must challenge the Path of Solitude with Bastiodon.

Speak to Ingo at the Training Grounds with Bastiodon as your only party member and choose the “Path of Solitude” option. You can change your party by choosing the “Select Pokémon” option when speaking with Ingo.

Warden Ingo

(1 of 2) OK, Ingo, what have you got up your sleeve this time?

OK, Ingo, what have you got up your sleeve this time? (left), Argh, a Blissey!? (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Blissey 70 pokemonplatypenormal.png

The biggest challenge here is probably getting a Bastiodon. You can only find Bastiodon and its unevolved form Shieldon in Space-Time Distortions at the Coronet Highlands. You have 3 chances per distortion to encounter a Shieldon/Bastiodon. Sadly, if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the postgame, where Shieldon/Bastiodon have a lower chance of spawning.

Next, your Bastiodon should have Power Shift, to swap its offensive and defensive stats during battle. Speak to Zisu to learn this and perhaps Stone Edge for extra firepower. Also, spend a Seed of Mastery to master Power Shift and, if there’s spare, Stone Edge. Besides that, Iron Head should be your go-to attack.

If you have spare Grit items, we’d recommend boosting Bastiodon’s Effort Levels, especially for Defense and Speed. Lastly, this should be obvious, but the higher Level your Bastiodon, the easier this fight will be. Shieldon and Bastiodon are Level 50+ when caught; it’d be helpful if you trained them to Level 70 or around there.

(1 of 2) Use Power Shift at the start to boost Bastiodons Attack.

Use Power Shift at the start to boost Bastiodons Attack. (left), When Blisseys HP is low, you could use Stone Edge to finish it off. (Strong Style to boost its accuracy and damage.) (right)

Blissey only has 2 moves, but you’ll probably hate seeing them. Draining Kiss will deal so-so damage against Bastiodon and restore a smidgen of Blissey’s HP. Soft-Boiled is the kicker, restoring 50% of Blissey’s HP.

To begin with, use Strong-Style Power Shift to swap Bastiodon’s Attack and Defense for 6 turns. From there, keep using Iron Head and cross your fingers that Blissey doesn’t use Soft-Boiled. If you’re lucky and Blissey’s HP falls, you could try using a Strong-Style Stone Edge to finish it off. (Annoyingly, we missed twice!)

If you fail, you can either train Bastiodon some more or keep retrying in hopes that Blissey will use Soft-Boiled less often. From our experience, it seems to use Soft-Boiled 50% of the time when damaged. So eventually there should be a battle where Blissey keeps using Draining Kiss instead.

Reward for Request 115

Here are the rewards for surviving Blisseys torture.

Succeed in deflating Blissey and Ingo will give you some rewards such as Exp. Candies or Grit items. Additionally, for your first clear, he’ll add a “Path of Solitude” stamp in Bastiodon’s Pokédex page.

Show the stamp to Gared to complete this request, earning you:

  • Seed of Mastery x1
  • Exp. Candy L x1


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