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Mission 17: Atop Mount Coronet

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Mission 17: “Atop Mount Coronet” in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Start Mission 17

(1 of 2) Cyllene may be harsh, but she never stopped believing in you.

Cyllene may be harsh, but she never stopped believing in you. (left), Before leaving, you may want to check out the village etc. (right)

You’ll automatically receive this mission from Captain Cyllene when you return to Galaxy Hall after completing Mission 14, Mission 15 and Mission 16. Having acquired the Red Chain, you’re ready to save the world. Trouble is, Commander Kamado has gone on ahead towards the rift. Your task is to repair the rift and, should the need arise, stop Kamado.

1. Leave Jubilife Village

With the fate of the Hisui region at stake, make for the Front Gate, to depart the village. Since it’s been a while since you stepped foot in the village, feel free to pick up/report any requests. Also, speak to Cyllene in her office if you need to rank up. At the gate, you’ll receive a Max Revive from a young fan.

2. Head for the Stone Portal

(1 of 2) Here's the Stone Portal.

Here's the Stone Portal. (left), You can climb up nearby with Sneasler, then glide using "Braviary" IconBraviary. (right)

You’ll arrive at the newly built Summit Camp at the Coronet Highlands. To reach the Temple of Sinnoh at the top of the mountain, you must pass through the Stone Portal. It’s located north-east from your current position. You can head north, then follow the snowy slope east. There will be a guard standing near the entrance of the Stone Portal.

3. Duel with Beni

Inside the Stone Portal, it’s just a straight path, with a gradual incline. About halfway along the path, the cavern with widen, creating a convenient place for a Pokémon battle. Of all the people to stand in your path, we didn’t quite expect to see him.

Galaxy Team’s Beni

(1 of 2) Beni's more than a potato mochi master.

Beni's more than a potato mochi master. (left), Whatever works against "Toxicroak" IconToxicroak will work on Sneasler. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Mismagius" IconMismagius 59 pokemonplatypeghost.png
Sneasler 59 pokemonplatypefighting.pngpokemonplatypepoison.png
"Gardevoir" IconGardevoir 60 pokemonplatypepsychic.pngpokemonplatypefairy.png
"Gallade" IconGallade 60 pokemonplatypepsychic.pngpokemonplatypefighting.png

Beni’s first Pokémon is the spooky "Mismagius" IconMismagius. As it’s a pure Ghost-type, we recommend leading with a Dark-type. Watch out for Hypnosis, which can cause drowsiness, occasionally preventing your Pokémon from acting.

Afterwards, Beni can send out Sneasler, which you’ve used to climb many a mountain. Psychic-types will do major damage; Ground and Flying should also suffice. Be careful of Sneasler’s Dire Claw, which has a high critical hit ratio and may inflict poison/paralysis/drowsiness.

Versus "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir, use Steel or Ghost-types if you can. "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir can use Calm Mind to boost its offensive and defensive stats, making it a threatening foe. Therefore, a swift victory is encouraged.

Lastly, Beni also has the male counterpart, "Gallade" IconGallade. Against this fella, Flying, Ghost and Fairy-types are the way to go. Swords Dance will boost "Gallade" IconGallade’s offensive stats, making its Drain Punch hurt harder and siphon more HP.

4. Meet Up with Adaman and Irida

(1 of 2) This probably isn't the safest place for a merchant…

This probably isn't the safest place for a merchant… (left), …But we appreciate the wares. (right)

With Beni taken care of, proceed to the exit of the Stone Portal. On the other side, you’ll be right near the summet of Mount Coronet. Continue ascending the slope towards where Adaman, Irida and the others are. We’re not sure why Beni didn’t bother trying to stop them, but we digress.

5. Attempt to Persuade Kamado

Ready and raring to go? Head up the slope past the meeting point and confront Kamado who’s near the front of the Temple of Sinnoh. Perhaps you could get him to change his mind without resorting to violence? Nah, we didn’t think it would work either. To arms!

Galaxy Team’s Kamado

(1 of 2) Here's Kamado in all his geared up glory.

Here's Kamado in all his geared up glory. (left), Dark-types can handle "Braviary" IconBraviary no problem. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Braviary" IconBraviary (Hisuian) 61 pokemonplatypepsychic.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png
"Golem" IconGolem 61 pokemonplatyperock.pngpokemonplatypeground.png
"Clefable" IconClefable 61 pokemonplatypefairy.png
"Snorlax" IconSnorlax 62 pokemonplatypenormal.png

Kamado leads with a Hisuian "Braviary" IconBraviary, which you should be familiar with from atop Snowpoint Temple. Dark-types are ideal, while Electric, Ice, Rock and Ghost are also great choices. If you don’t use a Dark-type, be wary of Esper Wing, which boosts "Braviary" IconBraviary’s action speed and has a high critical hit ratio.

Next, he may bring out "Golem" IconGolem. Water or Grass-types will deal massive damage. Ground, Fighting and Steel-types are also worth using, although not so much if they’re physical-based.

When it comes to "Clefable" IconClefable, Steel-types are preferable; Poison-types are susceptible to its Psychic. Be wary of Calm Mind (boosts its offensive and defensive stats) and Baby-Doll Eyes (lowers your offensive stats), which can make it rather tanky.

Finally, Kamado’s got a "Snorlax" IconSnorlax. Naturally, Fighting-types have a big advantage, but note that his "Snorlax" IconSnorlax can counter with Zen Headbutt. Likewise, Rock and Steel-types may struggle to wall "Snorlax" IconSnorlax thanks to its High Horsepower.

6. Capture Dialga or Palkia

That’s the main obstacle dealt with. Again, check that you’re fully prepared; who knows what’ll happen from here. OK, we can tell you what’s going to happen. The moment you approach the end of the temple, where the gang is, you’ll confront "Dialga" IconDialga or "Palkia" IconPalkia.

Legendary Pokémon

(1 of 2) If you chose Adaman earlier, "Dialga" IconDialga will appear first.

If you chose Adaman earlier, "Dialga" IconDialga will appear first. (left), Otherwise choosing Irida will make "Palkia" IconPalkia appear first. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Dialga" IconDialga 65 pokemonplatypesteel.pngpokemonplatypedragon.png
"Palkia" IconPalkia 65 pokemonplatypewater.pngpokemonplatypedragon.png

During this battle, you must catch "Dialga" IconDialga or "Palkia" IconPalkia to proceed. If you KO them, you’ll be asked to fight them again.

When facing "Dialga" IconDialga, there aren’t many great walling options. Fairy-types are immune to its Roar of Time, but will get smacked around by Flash Cannon and Iron Tail. Meanwhile, Fire and Electric-types that normally resist its Steel moves will be punished by Earth Power.

That leaves Water and Ground as the best choices. Water-types can tank "Dialga" IconDialga’s Steel moves, but will need to rely on non-Water moves, since those are resisted by Dragon. Meanwhile, Ground-types resist nothing, but they’re not weak to anything either and can cause a dent in "Dialga" IconDialga.

(1 of 2) Ground-types can deal with "Dialga" IconDialga fairly well.

Ground-types can deal with "Dialga" IconDialga fairly well. (left), Fairy-types are ideal against "Palkia" IconPalkia. (right)

Versus "Palkia" IconPalkia, the choices are more simple. Fairy-types will make "Palkia" IconPalkia think twice about using its Spacial Rend. But they will take the full force of Aqua Tail and Hydro Pump. Thankfully, many Fairy-types have access to Calm Mind and/or Baby-Doll Eyes to improve their survivability.

So long as you can survive, the basics of capturing these Legendary Pokémon are the same as always. Do your best to lower their HP as much as possible. False Swipe is the safest way, but using it will probably take too long–your False Swiper will likely get KO’d before accomplishing their goal.

Remember that you can purposely weaken a move by using it in Agile Style, which also increases your action speed. Besides that, moves like Hypnosis and Thunder Wave are useful to occasionally stop the Legendary from acting and make them easier to catch. Master Balls weren’t invented yet, so you’re basically stuck with Ultra Balls.

7. Run For Your Lives

After you’ve caught "Dialga" IconDialga or "Palkia" IconPalkia, you might expect that’s the end of this story. But before you can celebrate, a second Legendary Pokémon emerges from the rift. You already used up the Red Chain to catch the first Legendary, so there’s nothing you can do, but run. Thus ends this mission.


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