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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

All Alpha Pokémon in Cobalt Coastlands

Sophia Hayes

This page shows all the fixed Alpha Pokémon that spawn inside the Cobalt Coastlands in Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

What are Alpha Pokémon?

Alpha Pokémon are new to Pokémon Legends: Arceus. These Pokémon are much larger than their normal variants with large red eyes. They have a red symbol when you battle them and in the in-game menu. They are large because their size value has been maxed (set to 255) which means they are the largest size they can be for that particular species! They also have 3 stats guaranteed to have an effort value of 3, implying 3 IVs of 31 and may have moves normally requiring the Move Shop to obtain. There is also a small chance for them to be shiny!

How do you obtain Alpha Pokémon?

Alpha Pokémon are found at fixed locations on the in-game map. There is also a small percentage chance to encounter a random Alpha Pokémon that is not a fixed spawn (provided you have defeated the Noble Pokémon from that region). Alpha Pokémon will respawn when you come back to the area after catching or defeating them. Higher level Alpha Pokémon are the hardest to catch. When you catch an Alpha Pokémon, you will get increased rewards for completing a survey. Certain Pokémon may have Research Tasks that require you to catch an Alpha Pokémon variant.

Fixed Alpha Pokémon in Cobalt Coastlands

Icon No. Name Level Notes Types Map Location
Ambipom.png 424 Ambipom 50 Normal Marker Pin
Chansey.png 113 Chansey 51 Normal Marker Pin
Drapion.png 452 Drapion 45 Poison, Dark Marker Pin
Dusknoir.png 477 Dusknoir 65 Night Normal Marker Pin
Empoleon.png 395 Empoleon 69 Rock, Ground Marker Pin
Gastrodon.png 417 Gastrodon 61 Water, Ground Marker Pin
Golduck.png 055 Golduck 50 Water Marker Pin
Gyarados.png 130 Gyarados 58 Water, Flying Marker Pin
Lumineon.png 457 Lumineon 60 Water Marker Pin
Machoke.png 067 Machoke 40 Fighting Marker Pin
Mantine.png 226 Mantine 50 Water, Flying Marker Pin
Mothim.png 414 Mothim 56 Bug, Flying Marker Pin
Ninetales.png 038 Ninetales 61 Fire Marker Pin
Octillery.png 224 Octillery 46 Water Marker Pin
Purugly.png 432 Purugly 45 Normal Marker Pin
QwilfishHisuian.png 211 Qwilfish 55 Water, Poison Marker Pin
Tentacruel.png 073 Tentacruel 50 Water, Poison Marker Pin
Walrein.png 365 Walrein 50 Ice, Water Marker Pin


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