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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Request 36: Watering with Care

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on Request 36: Watering with Care in Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS (PLA).

Request 36: Watering with Care.

You can pick this request up from the Request Board in Galaxy Hall. You’ll need access to Crimson Mirelands and have completed Request 31: Setting Up the Bogbound Camp before this request becomes available via the board. Your first task will be to head out to Bogbound Camp and talk to Odo. He’ll ask you to get him a Pokémon that knows Water Pulse so you can water the "Sudowoodo" IconSudowoodo nearby.

Where to Get a Pokémon that knows Water Pulse

Luckily for you, Water Pulse is a pretty common move amongst water-type Pokémon. It’s very likely that you have a Pokémon that knows Water Pulse already, but if not you can grab a "Finneon" IconFinneon (found here), a "Shellos" IconShellos (found here) or a "Sealeo" IconSealeo (found here).

There are lots of Pokémon with Water Pulse!

Once you have a Pokémon with Water Pulse (we chose "Goomy" IconGoomy), speak to Odo and select it from your pastures. You’ll then have to fight Sudowoodo as he doesn’t actually enjoy being sprayed with water! Sudowoodo is weak to Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water and Grass-type Pokémon moves so you could whip out any of the aforementioned to defeat him quicker if you wanted to.

Once you’ve defeated the Sudowoodo, you’ll complete the request and earn x15 Heavy Balls and x3 Exp. Candy S.

(1 of 2) The Sudowoodo does not enjoy being blasted with water pulse

The Sudowoodo does not enjoy being blasted with water pulse (left), he'll want to battle you! (right)

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