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Mission 27: The Deified Pokémon

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Mission 27: “The Deified Pokémon” in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Start Mission 27

(1 of 2) This is by far the hardest mission in the game.

This is by far the hardest mission in the game. (left), Well, what are we waiting for? Let's catch some (or a lot of) Pokémon! (right)

You’ll automatically receive this final mission upon the conclusion of your battle with Volo in “Seeking the Remaining Plates”. All that’s left for you to do is fulfil the task bestowed upon you at the very beginning: Seek All Pokémon. By that, it means you must catch every Pokémon in the Hisui region.

1. Catch Every Pokémon

Of the 242 Pokemon in the Hisui Pokedex, you are required to catch 238 of them. The 4 exceptions are the Mythical Pokemon: "Manaphy" IconManaphy, "Shaymin" IconShaymin, "Darkrai" IconDarkrai and "Arceus" IconArceus.

Here are some of the Pokemon that are hard to find. For most other Pokemon, you can refer to our interactive maps.


Number one has to be "Spiritomb" IconSpiritomb. There’s an entire quest dedicated to it, which requires searching for 107 Wisps throughout the Hisui region. Please check our Spiritomb Wisps section for the full scoop.

Exclusive to Space-Time Distortions

Several Pokemon lines only appear in Space-Time Distortions. These include Johtonian "Sneasel" IconSneasel and "Weavile" IconWeavile, the "Porygon" IconPorygon line, "Magnemite" IconMagnemite line (sans "Magnezone" IconMagnezone) and the fossil lines (Shieldon and "Cranidos" IconCranidos).

Similarly, we have a section on Space-Time Distortions that we suggest you check out.

Pokemon New to Legends Arceus

Despite being heavily advertised, many of the new Pokemon added to this game are quite tricky to acquire. Here’s how to get them:

Pokemon How to Obtain
Wyrdeer Evolves from "Stantler" IconStantler after using Psyshield Bash in Agile Style 20 times.
Kleavor Evolves from "Scyther" IconScyther by using Black Augurite (buy from Simona etc.).
Ursaluna Evolves from "Ursaring" IconUrsaring by using Peat Block (randomly obtained by digging) during a full moon.
Basculegion Evolves from "Basculin" IconBasculin after receiving around 300 HP worth of recoil damage.
Sneasler Evolves from Hisuian "Sneasel" IconSneasel by using Razor Claw (buy from Simona etc.) during the day.
Overqwil Evolves from Hisuian "Qwilfish" IconQwilfish after using Barb Barrage in Strong Style 20 times.

2. Report to Professor Laventon

(1 of 2) It wasn't easy, we'll tell you that.

It wasn't easy, we'll tell you that. (left), Hmm, GamerGuides-dex does have a nice ring to it. (right)

Upon hitting the 238 caught milestone, when you speak to Laventon at a base camp, he should remark on your achievement. That means you’re ready to meet the creator.

3. Play the Azure Flute at the Temple of Sinnoh

Make your way, for the last time, to the endpoint of the Temple of Sinnoh. You probably don’t need to be reminded, but it’s located at the far north edge of the Coronet Highlands, on the other side of the Stone Portal. When you’re at the right place, press Joy-Con-ButtonA-Filled where the “Investigate” prompt appears to whip out your flute.

This will create a staircase of light that leads to "Arceus" IconArceus’s domain. There, the creator will pose one final challenge: a merciless battle like nothing else in the game.

(1 of 2) Whew, we're not doing that again anytime soon.

Whew, we're not doing that again anytime soon. (left), Use this on "Arceus" IconArceus ASAP. (right)

Succeed in defeating "Arceus" IconArceus and the creator will share some of its power with you. "Arceus" IconArceus will then be added to your party (or pastures).

How to Use Arceus’s Plates

You know all those plates you’ve been collecting? If you use them from the Key Items tab, they can change "Arceus" IconArceus into the corresponding type. For example, using the Flame Plate on "Arceus" IconArceus will turn it into a Fire-type. Whatever type "Arceus" IconArceus is, its Judgement move will change type to match.

(1 of 2) "Arceus" IconArceus is strong but not that special, until you use this.

"Arceus" IconArceus is strong but not that special, until you use this. (left), Now "Arceus" IconArceus will shift types when using Judgement, somewhat similar to "Greninja" IconGreninja's Protean. (right)

Besides the various plates, at the end of the "Arceus" IconArceus fight, you’ll have received the Legend Plate. This completely busted plate changes "Arceus" IconArceus into every type at once. It will be a Normal-type to begin with, but when it uses Judgement, it will automatically change type to one that’s advantageous against the foe.

What to do Next?

Sure, you’ve caught every Pokémon (including “God” itself) but your adventure doesn’t necessarily have to end.

If you’re dedicated, you can obtain the Shiny Charm from Professor Laventon at Galaxy Hall by reaching Research Level 10 for every Pokémon (excluding "Manaphy" IconManaphy, "Shaymin" IconShaymin and "Darkrai" IconDarkrai).

Then once you’ve got the Shiny Charm or otherwise, you can try your hand at shiny-hunting if you’re into it. Farming Mass Outbreaks is the best method of encountering shinies, even if you don’t have the Shiny Charm.


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