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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Frenzied Noble Hisuian Avalugg

Vincent Lau

This page includes strategies for fighting Frenzied Noble "Avalugg" IconAvalugg in Pokémon Legends "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

(1 of 2) Avalugg: Lord of the Tundra.

Avalugg: Lord of the Tundra. (left), Dodging is key to winning this fight. (right)

During the main story, you must quell the fury of Hisuian Avalugg, the Noble Pokémon that stands tall over the Alabaster Icelands.

Hisuian Avalugg’s Info

Hisuian Avalugg is a new form of Avalugg. It evolves from a Bermite while in the Hisui region.

Pokémon Level Type
"Avalugg" IconAvalugg (Hisuian) 56 pokemonplatypeice.pngpokemonplatyperock.png

Hisuian Avalugg’s Weaknesses & Strengths

The Hisuian Avalugg is weak to Water, Grass, Ground and Rock (2x damage) and extremely weak to Fighting and Steel (4x damage). It resists Normal, Ice, Poison and Flying.

Hisuian Avalugg’s Attacks

Versus You

When battling Noble Avalugg head on, these are the attacks to watch out for.

Initially, Avalugg will move its head to one side. It’ll then shoot out snowballs that slowly travel forward in alternating diagonal lines. If you’re standing near the back, you can run through the gaps between different lines of snowballs. Otherwise, you can dodge through the snowballs, utilizing i-frames.

Next, Avalugg will create lines of ice pillars that shoot up from the ground. The first set of ice pillars will travel straight down the middle. The second set of pillars will travel diagonally left or right–whichever is nearest to you. Finally, the last set of ice pillars will travel in the mirrored direction. A ring of ice will briefly appear to indicate where an ice pillar will emerge.

Now for the trickiest attack. After–or towards the end of–the previous attack, a growing ball of ice will appear above Avalugg. Icicles will then materalize from that ball and shoot directly towards you location. Keep moving and dodging until they’re gone.

Having exhausted all other options, Avalugg will finally use its ultimate move. It’ll lean in the direction furthest from you. Then it’ll unleash a big laser beam, before sweeping it across to the opposite direction. You must dodge through the laser to come out unscathed. Afterwards, Avalugg will be stunned.

After Avalugg’s HP falls below half, it will mix up its moves.

During the slowly-moving line of snowballs, ice pillars will emerge somewhere near the middle, one at a time. This makes it slightly harder for you to dodge. If you want to play it safe, you can opt to stay near the back, where the ice pillars don’t spawn.

For its second attack, Avalugg may fill the area closest to it with ice pillars, instead of launching them in three lines. After these ice pillars break, they’ll leave behind small ice spikes on the ground. There will be 3 rows of ice pillars, before it stops. When you see this variant, you can just wait before the halfway point.

Thought the icicle shower was tough already? Now Avalugg will shoot them much faster, so the delay between icicles is shorter. Giving you barely any time to dodge. Your first instinct might be to dodge like crazy–and that may work. However, there’s a very small lag after dodging, where you can take damage.

Rather than dodging mindlessly, we suggest carefully observing the first icicle. When it’s roughly halfway between you and Avalugg, dodge to the side. Then immediately dodge to the opposite side. From there, don’t stop dodging, while alternating the direction you dodge. Towards the last few icicles, when it gets hectic, feel free to just spam dodge in any direction.

You’re almost in the clear. Before Avalugg uses its ultimate attack, it will create 3 ice pillars down the central line, evenly spaced out. So stay away from the middle after dodging the icicles. These pillars will break, but leave behind spikes. Avalugg will then sweep its laser like before. When dodging through the laser, be careful not to run into the spikes.

When the fight drags on, watch out for another variant of the snowballs. When Avalugg starts breathing snowballs, beware if there’s a ball of ice forming above it. This means Avalugg is going to combine its moving snowball and icicle shower attacks. However, don’t panic, because it’s not as tricky as it first seems.

There will be a gap between each snowball and the icicles shoot fairly slowly. If you dodge carelessly, you may end up dodging into an icicle or, embarrassingly, one of the snowballs. Instead, run like normal, aiming for the gaps between the snowballs, and–if you’re worried–maybe dodge when the icicle gets near.

Versus Pokémon

(1 of 2) Mountain Gale is an ice-type attack unique to Hisuian Avalugg.

Mountain Gale is an ice-type attack unique to Hisuian Avalugg. (left), Double Edge deals a lot of damage, but also hurts Avalugg. (right)

When sending a Pokémon to fight Avalugg, the Noble will use these moves:

  • Blizzard: A very strong Ice-type attack, with somewhat poor accuracy.
  • Mountain Gale: A strong Ice-type attack that may flinch.
  • Earth Power: A formidable Ground-type attack.
  • Double Edge: A hard-hitting Normal-type move that also hurts the user.

Battling Hisuian Avalugg

Recommended Pokémon

Fighting and Steel-types are exceptionally strong here, but there’s a downside. Hisuian Avalugg has massive Defense and most Fighting and Steel-types are physical. There are some special attackers though, like "Lucario" IconLucario (with Aura Sphere) and "Magnezone" IconMagnezone (with Flash Cannon). Also Hisuian "Goodra" IconGoodra if you tutor it Steel Beam (but note that it hurts the user).

Besides that, Water-types are also solid picks. On top of being super-effective, they can resist Avalugg’s two Ice-type attacks. Again, look for ones that excel in special attacks. If you chose "Oshawott" IconOshawott, Hisuian "Samurott" IconSamurott should serve you well. Otherwise, there’s plenty to choose from, such as "Vaporeon" IconVaporeon (tutor it Water Pulse), "Floatzel" IconFloatzel, "Golduck" IconGolduck etc. Or even "Manaphy" IconManaphy from Request 66.


We’re going to be up-front: there’s a lot of dodging involved in this fight. Except for the moment after Avalugg uses its big laser beam, there are few chances to throw Snow Balms to deplete its frenzy gauge. Trying to squeeze in balms between its normal attacks is possible, but you risk taking damage, which quickly adds up.

(1 of 2) The big laser beam may be intimidating, but it's easy to dodge.

The big laser beam may be intimidating, but it's easy to dodge. (left), Afterwards, Avalugg will be stunned and ripe for a Pokémon battle. (right)

To begin with, Avalugg’s first two attacks are easy to avoid. The lines of snowballs are slow-moving with plenty of space for error. Next, the ice pillars from the ground are predictable–keep away from the center, then dodge towards the center. After that, the icicle shower is where you need to seriously focus on moving and dodging.

After the icicle shower, keep your cool and prepare to dodge roll through Avalugg’s sweeping laser beam. You may wish to swap out your balms and select the Pokémon you’ll going to battle with. Once the laser’s gone, Avalugg will be stunned briefly. Without hesitating, get close to Avalugg and chuck your Pokémon straight at its head to battle it. But don’t rush, in case you miss.

(1 of 2) Obviously use super-effective moves, but be sure to prioritize special moves over physical ones.

Obviously use super-effective moves, but be sure to prioritize special moves over physical ones. (left), When Avalugg reaches 0 HP, it'll briefly drop its guard and your balms will be more effective. (right)

So long as you have a good selection of super-effective and/or special attacker type Pokémon, reducing Avalugg’s HP should be easier than dodging its attacks. Don’t be surprised if any of your Pokémon get KO’d. You can always revive and heal them up just before the next laser attack. When Avalugg’s HP reaches zero, this is your main chance to throw balms, so let ’em rip!

From here, the cycle repeats until Avalugg’s HP goes below half. Now it’ll start using trickier variants of its attacks. The lines of snowballs is still a snorefest though, since you can stay near the back to avoid the ice pillars spawning around the middle. For its second attack, Avalugg may create 3 rows of ice pillars in front of it. Again, you can just literally stand back and watch.

(1 of 2) The icicles are the hardest to dodge.

The icicles are the hardest to dodge. (left), Try to dodge the icicles rhythmically. (right)

However, the improved icicle shower attack is the one most likely to end you. The delay between each icicle is significantly reduced, so you’ll have to dodge non-stop to not get hit. As outlined above, we suggest beginning to dodge when the first icicle is halfway to your position, then keep dodging left and right, alternately.

Should the fight drag on, there’s another variant of the snowball lines attack that Avalugg may use. When Avalugg starts breathing snowballs, watch out if a growing ball of ice appears above it. This means it’ll launch icicles from the air simultaneously. Don’t panic because this attack is actually easier to deal with than you’d expect.

Instead of frantically dodging around, which will often result in you getting hit by the icicles or the snowballs, focus on running normally between the big gaps in the snowballs. As it happens, these icicles are slower moving than normal and your running speed should outpace them. If in doubt, you could dodge just before the icicle nears you.

(1 of 2) There's no shame in continuing the fight from where you left off.

There's no shame in continuing the fight from where you left off. (left), Avalugg's frenzy gauge will be set to the previous quarter section and you'll have full health again. (right)

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