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How to Find & Evolve Scyther

Staci Miller

This is how to find and evolve "Scyther" IconScyther in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus.

Where to Find Scyther

You can actually find "Scyther" IconScyther fairly early on in the game. Once you reach the Grandtree Arena in the Obsidian Fieldlands, you’ll see one moving around. It’s on the other side of the river as you cross it to go and find Lian.

"Scyther" IconScyther usually isn't very hard to spot.

It’s also possible to find one in the Coronet Highlands, around the Primeval Grotto. As it’s large and usually flying around just above the ground, it’s pretty easy to catch. If you can sneak up on them and throw a Poké Ball, catching them unawares usually gives you a decent shot at getting one without having to engage them in battle.

How to Evolve Scyther

In "Arceus" IconArceus, there’s something special about "Scyther" IconScyther, and that’s he has two possible evolutions: "Scizor" IconScizor and Kleavor.

"Scizor" IconScizor is a dual-type pokemonbdspbug17.png / pokemonbdspsteel17.png Pokémon.

Kleavor is a dual-type pokemonbdspbug17.png / pokemonbdsprock17.png Pokémon.

Which evolution you choose first is entirely personal preference, as most people will try to complete the Pokédex by eventually having both. Some may be powered by nostalgia and get "Scizor" IconScizor first, and others may want the brand new shiny Kleavor!

Fortunately, "Scyther" IconScyther is pretty easy to find and catch so once you’ve evolved one, it won’t be hard to track down the other in terms of finding the Pokémon to evolve.

How to Evolve Scyther Into Scizor

(1 of 2) Use a Metal Coat on "Scyther" IconScyther

Use a Metal Coat on "Scyther" IconScyther… (left), …to make it evolve into "Scizor" IconScizor. (right)

Evolving "Scyther" IconScyther into "Scizor" IconScizor can take a while due to the item you need to get: a Metal Coat.

The most obvious way to get one is from the Trading Post in Jubilife Village. You can exchange 1000 Merit Points for one after completing enough requests to have those points.

You might be fortunate enough to stumble upon one beforehand though. If you return lost satchels to players who have dropped them, you can get a reward, and you might get lucky enough to get a Metal Coat from doing this.

Alongside other evolution items, you can sometimes find Metal Coats on the ground inside Space-Time Distortions.

How to Evolve Scyther Into Kleavor

For the first time, "Scizor" IconScizor isn’t your only option when it comes to "Scyther" IconScyther evolutions. Kleavor is a Pokémon who’s brand new to "Arceus" IconArceus, and another evolution option.

This also involves an evolution item: Black Augurite.

Unlike the Metal Coat, you can’t head to the Trading Post and purchase Black Augurite if you really want that Kleavor. Instead, it drops randomly on the ground after catching "Scyther" IconScyther. If you didn’t get it from the first capture, you’ll have to go back over and over again and keep catching them until you get lucky and one falls to the ground afterwards.

The other way to get it is also within the Space-Time Distortions. Although it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what items can drop within those, evolution stones definitely have and it seems that they can drop a whole manner of rare items.


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