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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Request 93: The Darksome Nightmare

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to unlock and complete Request 93: The Darksome Nightmare in Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS (PLA).

Request 93: The Darksome Nightmare.

To unlock this request you’ll need to have a Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl save on the same account that you’re playing PLA on. You’ll also need to have finished the main story. When both prerequisites have been satisfied, you’ll be able to pick up the request from the Request Board in Galaxy Hall.

You’ll first be tasked with speaking to Cael after picking up the request. He’ll ask you to find and catch "Darkrai" IconDarkrai.

How to Find Darkrai

Darkrai can be found at Clamberclaw Cliffs, north from Lonely Spring in Coronet Highlands. You have to go at night otherwise he won’t appear!

Darkrai is found north of Lonely Spring.

How to Catch Darkrai

This part is pretty infuriating as your timing will need to be perfect! Darkrai will teleport all around the place if he spots you throwing a Pokéball or your Pokémon at him. From our testing, hiding behind the boulders in the area and trying to sneak up didn’t work. When he’s about to pop up out of his portal (the black/purple circle), you’ll want to throw your Pokémon at the center of it. Too early and your Pokémon will just stand there and do nothing and too late Darkrai will spot you throwing the ball and teleport away again. This might take a few tries but just keep going and eventually you’ll get the timing right and it’ll be time for battle!

(1 of 2) You'll need to time your throw perfectly to avoid scaring him off again

You'll need to time your throw perfectly to avoid scaring him off again (left), but once you do you'll be able to battle him! (right)

How to Defeat Darkrai in Arceus

Darkrai is a pokemonplatypedark.png type Pokémon. Below you’ll find his type effectiveness, showing his weaknesses and resistances so you can pick your Pokémon effectively!

Darkrai Resistances

Resistance Type
Takes half damage (x0.5) pokemonplatypeghost.pngpokemonplatypedark.png
Takes quarter (x0.25) damage
Takes no damage (immunity)

Darkrai Weaknesses

Weakness Type
Takes double (x2) damage pokemonplatypefighting.png pokemonplatypebug.pngpokemonplatypefairy.png
Takes quadruple (x4) damage

Avoid bringing out Pokémon that are weak to Dark-type Pokémon as you don’t want to be one-shot. You’ll instead want to bring out a Pokémon that has fighting, bug or fairy-type moves to deal extra damage. If you don’t have any strong Pokémont that do these types of moves then try out some moves that make Darkrai drowsy or paralyzed - negative buffs make catching Darkrai easier! We dealt around 2/3rds of his health bar before paralyzing him with thunderwave and then chucking out an Ultra Ball!

Paralyzing Darkrai can be useful in catching him more easily.

As mentioned above, if you accidentally defeat him, you can return to the area to try again. If you find that you’re dealing too much damage with double damage moves then consider just sending out strong Pokémon that Darkrai isn’t weak to and deal damage to him in a bit more of a controlled way - just be prepared to have a few Pokémon faint if you use this method (bring some revives, if needed!).

Once you’ve successfully caught Darkrai, Cael will come up to you and reward you with Exp. Candy XL and you’ll also be able to keep the Darkrai - a new addition to your party perhaps?

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