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Mission 26: Seeking the Remaining Plates

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Mission 26: Seeking the Remaining Plates in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Start Mission 26

(1 of 2) You'll receive this mission after collecting the 5 plates from Cogita's hints.

You'll receive this mission after collecting the 5 plates from Cogita's hints. (left), Now you'll need to return to Cogita and share your findings. (right)

You’ll automatically receive this mission after completing the previous five missions, given by Cogita at the Ancient Retreat: Mission 21, Mission 22, Mission 23, Mission 24 and Mission 25. Having collected all the known plates, you should report your findings to Cogita.

1. Speak with Cogita at the Ancient Retreat

Once again, depart for the Ancient Retreat from Jubilife Village; on the world map, it’s the small area towards the north-east, sandwiched between Coronet Highlands and Cobalt Coastlands. There, you’ll find Cogita inside her house.

2. Give 3 Pieces of Wood to Cogita

Cogita will ask you to run a small errand; she wants you to bring her 3 pieces of Wood. In return, she’ll give you the Pixie Plate.

Where to Find Wood

You can occasionally find Wood on the ground, where there are lots of trees.

(1 of 4) Wood locations near Aspiration Hill and Deertrack Path.

Please refer to our maps and screenshots for common Wood locations at Obsidian Fieldlands.

3. Visit the Sacred Plaza

Return to Jubilife Village and depart for Coronet Highlands. We suggest entering via the Summit Camp (or fast-traveling there when you arrive). Volo wants you to check out a curious statue at the Sacred Plaza, a short distance east from the Summit Camp.

4. Meet Volo at the Temple of Sinnoh

Afterwards, you’re told to rendezvous at the Temple of Sinnoh, where you dealt with "Dialga" IconDialga and "Palkia" IconPalkia. From your current location, head north towards the Stone Portal, using Sneasler to climb up the nearby cliff. Pass through the Stone Portal to the other side. Back outside, make your way to the endpoint of the temple, where Volo’s standing.

The merchant will then reveal his true colors…

(1 of 2) Volo will bequeath his Spooky Plate to you.

Volo will bequeath his Spooky Plate to you. (left), That's the final plate (to your knowledge), so this mission can be considered over. (right)

Succeed in smashing Volo’s ambitions and he’ll hand you his Spooky Plate. This final plate will cause a reaction in your Celestica Flute, transforming it into the Azure Flute!

From this point, the following two requests will be unlocked:


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