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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

What are Merit Points?

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about Merit Points in Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

What Are Merit Points?

You may have noticed that, if you look at any given map of an area, you see some Satchel icons. These are Lost Satchels that have been lost by other players when they were knocked unconscious, and usually contain rare items. Although you can’t claim these items for yourself, you can pick up the Lost Satchels and return them and, in exchange, the game will give you Merit Points.

Satchels can be quite hard to notice.

When you see a Satchel on the map, you’ll have to actually go and find it. Navigate to the area you see it on the map and look for a small brown item on the ground. You can then hit ‘A’ to pick it up, and it will thank you for returning it.

Once you’ve picked them up, you’ll have to access the Lost and Found section of the menu and hit ‘A’ on each one to actually claim the reward. You can do this at any point after picking up a Satchel.

Your Lost Satchels

If another player claims Merit Points by finding one of your Lost Satchels, you can load up the menu and head to the Lost and Found section to claim those items back.

The Lost and Found section can be found in the internet menu and has the Lost Satchels of both you and others listed.

Where Can I Use Merit Points?

You can redeem Merit Points at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village. If you head out of Galaxy Headquarters, turn right and approach the stand at the end of the road. Here, you’ll find Simona who not only allows you to trade Pokémon, but allows you to use your Merit Points to buy items.

(1 of 2) Simona is on the right of Galaxy HQ

Simona is on the right of Galaxy HQ (left), Her menu is mostly evolution items (right)


These are all of the things you can buy with Merit Points.

Item Cost
pokeballlegends.png Poké Ball 10 MP
rarecandy.png Rare Candy 1,000 MP
firestone.png Fire Stone 1,000 MP
icestone.png Ice Stone 1,000 MP
waterstone.png Water Stone 1,000 MP
leafstone.png Leaf Stone 1,000 MP
thunderstone.png Thunder Stone 1,000 MP
moonstone.png Moon Stone 1,000 MP
sunstone.png Sun Stone 1,000 MP
shinystone.png Shiny Stone 1,200 MP
duskstone.png Dusk Stone 1,200 MP
dawnstone.png Dawn Stone 1,200 MP
ovalstone.png Oval Stone 400 MP
razorclaw.png Razor Claw 1,400 MP
razorfang.png Razor Fang 1,400 MP
reapercloth.png Reaper Cloth 1,400 MP
metalcoat.png Metal Coat 1,000 MP
protector.png Protector 1,400 MP
electirizer.png Electirizer 1,400 MP
magmarizer.png Magmarizer 1,400 MP
upgrade.png Upgrade 1,000 MP
dubiousdisc.png Dubious Disc 1,400 MP
linkingcord.png Linking Cord 1,000 MP

If you’re worried about being able to get all of these evolution items and aren’t good at farming the Merit Points — or simply aren’t getting the opportunity — don’t worry.

Although the quickest and most convenient way to get them is simply buying them from Simona, there are a variety of other places these evolution items can be found. Many of them spawn in Space-Time Distortions on the ground, so be sure to pick up everything you see.

There’s also a chance of getting the Evolution Stones from Tumblerocks.


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