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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

How to Trade Pokémon

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to trade Pokémon with other people in Pokémon Legends Arceus (PLA).

One of the key features of the mainline Pokémon games is the ability to trade your Pokémon creatures with other people playing the same game(s). Legends Arceus is no different.

To trade Pokémon in this game, you must visit the Trading Post in Jubilife Village.

Where is the Trading Post?

(1 of 2) The Trading Post in Jubilife Village.

The Trading Post in Jubilife Village. (left), Simona is in charge of the Trading Post. (right)

The Trading Post is located near the north-west corner of Jubilife Village. It’s between Galaxy Hall and the Training Grounds. Click here to view on the map. Simona runs the Trading Post; speak to her and choose the first option “I want to trade Pokémon” to get started.

When Can You Trade Pokémon?

You can begin trading Pokémon after completing Mission 2: “The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial”, where you head to Obsidian Fieldlands to catch a Bidoof, Starly and Shinx. After officially being recognized as a Galaxy Team member, the Trading Post will be open for you.

How Does Trading Work?

(1 of 2) Select the right option to trade online.

Select the right option to trade online. (left), You and the other player should agree on the same Link Code to use. (right)

First, you must choose what kind of player to trade with:

  • Someone nearby (Local Communication) – This will let you trade with people who are physically near you.
  • Someone far away (Internet) – Connect online and trade with people from anywhere in the world.

Next, enter an 8-digit Link Code. Both you and the player you wish to trade with should enter the same Link Code. After inputting a Link Code, the game will match you with another player who inputted the same Link Code. Try to avoid picking common sequences, like all 1s, unless you want to be surprised!

(1 of 2) Choose any Pokémon from your party or boxes.

Choose any Pokémon from your party or boxes. (left), Before accepting the trade, you can review your or your trading partners Pokémon. (right)

Once you’re matched with another player, you’ll enter a familiar screen. Here, you can choose any Pokémon from your party or boxes (pastures) to offer up. Meanwhile, your trading partner can do the same. After both players have offered their Pokémon, you’ll both be able to review the Pokémon being offered. If happy, select “Trade it”.

From here, enjoy the awesome trading animation!

After trading the Pokémon, you can continue trading in the same manner. To exit the trade, press the B button.


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