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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Request 17: To Bloom or Not to Bloom

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Request 17: To Bloom or Not to Bloom in Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS (PLA).

Request 17: To Bloom or Not to Bloom.

You can pick this quest up from Kichi, found near the farm in Jubilife Village. He’ll ask you to show him the completed Pokédex entry for "Cherrim" IconCherrim.

Where to Find Cherrim in Arceus

This request is deceptively trickier than it appears initially. "Cherubi" IconCherubi and Cherrim (Cherrim is Cherubi’s evolution) are surprisingly hard to come by. They’re only found in trees so you’ll have to keep an eye out for shaking trees. The difficult part of that is that you won’t know whether it’s a Cherrim/Cherubi in the tree or a pesky "Burmy" IconBurmy or "Combee" IconCombee until you’ve engaged in battle, which makes this request a little tedious.

(1 of 2) There are two forms of Cherrim: this is overcast form

There are two forms of Cherrim: this is overcast form (left), and this is the sunshine form. (right)

You have a chance of finding a Cherrim in a tree in the following locations:

Your best bet for catching Cherrims and completing their Pokédex entry is to head out to the specified areas in Coronet Highlands.

Cherrim Research Tasks

Task Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Milestone 4 Milestone 5
researchtaskicon.pngNumber Caught 1 3 6 12 25
Number caught during daylight hours 1 2 4 6 10
Number Defeated 1 2 3 4 5
researchtaskicon.png Times you’ve seen it use Petal Dance 1 3 8 20 40
Times you’ve seen it use an agile style move 1 2 4 10 15
researchtaskicon.pngNumber you’ve seen leap out of trees 1 2 4 10 15

If you’re struggling to find more than one Cherrim, even in Coronet Highlands (very understandable - they’re a pain to find!) your next best option for completing the Pokédex entry is to put one in your party and head out to the low level areas of Obsidian Fieldlands and grind out some low-levelled Pokémon battles. This way you can spam use Petal Dance and eventually use agile style moves once you master a move to earn a majority of your research points.

Whatever way you decide to complete the Pokédex for Cherrim, once it’s done head back to Kichi and show him it to finish up the request and earn x5 Vivichoke.

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