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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Request 120: Lilligant's Path of Solitude

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Request 120: “Lilligant’s Path of Solitude” in the “Daybreak” DLC for Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

How to Unlock Request 120

(1 of 2) Truthfully, Gareds a nice guy, but we wouldnt mind not seeing him for ages…

Truthfully, Gareds a nice guy, but we wouldnt mind not seeing him for ages… (left), Can Lilligant dance its way to victory? (right)

After completing Request 108 through Request 117, you can receive 5 additional requests–including this one–from Gared at the Jubilife Village Training Grounds.

1. Participate in the Path of Solitude with Lilligant

To complete this request, you must overcome the Path of Solitude with Lilligant.

Speak to Ingo at the Training Grounds with Lilligant as your only party member and choose the “Path of Solitude” option. You can change your party by choosing the “Select Pokémon” option when speaking with Ingo.

Warden Ingo

(1 of 2) By the way, where does Ingo get all his Pokémon from!?

By the way, where does Ingo get all his Pokémon from!? (left), Hisuian Braviary resists all of Lilligants natural moves. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Braviary (Hisuian) 80 pokemonplatypepsychic.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png

Ouch, another fight where you need to use a Grass-type versus a Flying-type. For a safe win, we recommend training a Hisuian Lilligant until it’s around Level 80. You can catch Level 60+ Petilil and Lilligant from Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Crimson Mirelands.

If possible, grab a Petilil or Lilligant with an Attack-boosting Nature, such as Adamant. We also suggest boosting Lilligant’s Effort Levels in Attack and Speed, so they’re 10 or close. Plus HP, Defense and Sp. Def so they’re around 5 or higher. For moves, Victory Dance is essential, plus Giga Impact, which you can learn from Zisu.

(1 of 2) Begin with an Agile Style Victory Dance.

Begin with an Agile Style Victory Dance. (left), Then unleash an Agile Style followed by normal/Strong Style Giga Impact. (right)

The strategy for this fight is simple, but your Lilligant needs to be able to take 2 hits from Braviary. Begin with an Agile Style Victory Dance to boost Lilligant’s offensive/defensive stats and provide a 50% damage boost for 2 turns. Then follow up with Agile Style Giga Impact. Finally, use a regular or Strong Style Giga Impact.

Alternatively, you could use Sleep Powder or Stun Spore and hope that Braviary is too drowsy or paralyzed to attack. For this strategy, use Victory Dance without Agile Style, so you’ve got the full 3 turns of stat boosts. Then on your next available turn, use Agile Style Sleep Powder/Stun Spore and go from there.

Reward for Request 120

(1 of 2) This is the Lilligant we used to win.

This is the Lilligant we used to win. (left), These are the definition of token rewards. (right)

Defeat Braviary and Ingo will give you some rewards such as Exp. Candies or Grit items. Additionally, for your first clear, he’ll add a “Path of Solitude” stamp in Lilligant’s Pokédex page.

Show the stamp to Gared to complete this request, earning you:

  • Seed of Mastery x1
  • Exp. Candy XL x1


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