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Mission 11: Scaling Perilous Heights

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Mission 11: “Scaling Perilous Heights” in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

How to Start Mission 11

(1 of 2) Wait a second, isn't that…

Wait a second, isn't that… (left), Your next mission involves hiking up the mountains. (right)

You’ll automatically receive this mission the day after completing the previous one, Mission 10. Upon stepping outside your house, an unfamiliar (or perhaps familiar…) man will escort you to Commander Kamado’s office. After dicussing with Adaman, your task is clear: to quell the frenzied Noble of Coronet Highlands.

1. Fight Adaman

Before you can depart for the highlands, there are a few things you must do. Firstly, Adaman requests a Pokémon battle, to satisfy his clansman, Melli.

Diamond Clan Leader Adaman

(1 of 2) Adaman reps Leafeon.

Adaman reps Leafeon. (left), He's also brought along a wee little Eevee for the fight. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Leafeon" IconLeafeon 36 pokemonplatypegrass.png
"Eevee" IconEevee 18 pokemonplatypenormal.png

This fight is similar to the one with Irida when you first entered the coastlands. Adaman has a "Leafeon" IconLeafeon, in contrast to Irida’s "Glaceon" IconGlaceon, and he simultaneously has a low level "Eevee" IconEevee for support.

You may wish to focus on Leafeon first, since it’s the bigger threat here. Eevee can be annoying, but it won’t be doing much KOing. Against Leafeon, Fire, Flying, Poison and Bug-types are recommended; Ice is good too. Meanwhile, Eevee should fall easily to most things, excluding Ghosts.

2. Meet Irida at the Training Grounds

(1 of 2) Irida has prepared a guide for your mission.

Irida has prepared a guide for your mission. (left), The metaphorical train won't start until Captain Cyllene says so. (right)

Next, you should hurry to the Training Grounds, near the north-west corner of the village. It’s where Zisu and the battle arena is. There, Irida will formerly introduce you to Ingo, the man who escorted you in the morning. There can be little doubt now: this fella is almost definitely Subway Boss Ingo from the Unova region.

After the introductions are over, you’ll be taken to Captain Cyllene’s office for the usual pre-mission briefing.

3. Leave Jubilife Village

Making sure you’re fully prepared for another long journey, depart Jubilife Village via the Front Gate. Choose the new region at the very center: Coronet Highlands.

4. Meet Ingo Outside Wayward Cave

(1 of 2) You must pass through Wayward Cave to get higher up the mountains.

You must pass through Wayward Cave to get higher up the mountains. (left), Ingo will be patiently waiting by the entrance. (right)

At the highlands, your first destination is Wayward Cave, which is a short distance west-north-west from the base camp. If you check your map, it’s at the end of a small bridge going across the river. There’s no way to proceed further up the mountain, without entering the cave.

5. Navigate Wayward Cave

(1 of 2) Wayward Cave also appears in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games.

Wayward Cave also appears in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games. (left), Even with full visibility, this alpha Crobat is quite tough! (right)

Inside the cave, you’ll notice it’s very dark–but it wasn’t always this way. It seems a certain pesky Diamond Clan member has sabotaged the route. Ingo will slowly lead the way, while you follow. At one point, Ingo will point out an alpha "Crobat" IconCrobat, but he opts to take the long way round due to the lack of light. When you both reach the exit, Ingo will put the torches on the cave back up.

6. Meet Ingo Outside the Ancient Quarry

Outside the cave, Ingo will chat more about his uncertain origins, before going on ahead. He’s waiting at the entrance of the Ancient Quarry, towards the south-west. In your own time, head over to the south side of the Ancient Quarry, by going around (or swimming through) the small lake that serves as the waterfall source and cutting through Wayward Wood.

At the quarry entrance, you’ll run into the saboteur himself. Not content with meddling indirectly, he’ll challenge you to a battle to stop you right here and now.

Warden Melli

(1 of 2) We'll resist making a joke about Skuntank and Melli.

We'll resist making a joke about Skuntank and Melli. (left), Ground-type moves would be useful here. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Skuntank" IconSkuntank 40 pokemonplatypepoison.pngpokemonplatypedark.png

Melli sends out a single "Skuntank" IconSkuntank; clearly he underestimates your skill. That said, Skuntank is somewhat tricky because it’s only weak to Ground-types. Fortunately, it’s only one Pokémon, so you can easily brute-force this fight if necessary.

7. Pass Through the Ancient Quarry

With Melli out of the way, enter the Ancient Quarry. Head down the steps and meet up with Ingo further ahead. You’ll run into Volo once more. Afterwards, proceed to the end of the quarry; the exit is straight ahead. There are "Bronzor" IconBronzor and "Bronzong" IconBronzong lurking around, but they’re not too challenge and you can easily outrun them.

8. Meet Ingo Past the Mountain Camp

(1 of 2) We're not sure how Ingo got there so fast.

We're not sure how Ingo got there so fast. (left), Ingo will provide you a way to scale these exceedingly tall cliffs. (right)

Back outside, you’ll be at the start of Sonorous Path. Continue north-east, until the path opens out. Towards the left, Ingo is waiting not far away.

After building the camp or otherwise, proceed north to the base of the tall cliff to rendezvous with Ingo. Before he calls Sneasler, he requests a battle of you.

Warden Ingo

(1 of 2) We didn't expect to find another time-traveler here.

We didn't expect to find another time-traveler here. (left), Ingo has a varied team, befitting a former battle facility boss. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Machoke" IconMachoke 41 pokemonplatypefighting.png
"Tangela" IconTangela 41 pokemonplatypegrass.png
"Gliscor" IconGliscor 42 pokemonplatypeground.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png

Ingo has a semi-competent team. Versus "Machoke" IconMachoke, Psychic and Flying-types are recommended. Fairy-types are good too, but are susceptible to Bullet Punch. "Tangela" IconTangela is easy prey for Fire and Poison-types; Flying and Ice should be cautious of Ancient Power. Finally, "Gliscor" IconGliscor is weak to Water and massively weak to Ice.

Following that friendly bout, Ingo will perform his promised role, calling Sneasler to assist you. Now you can ride on Sneasler to climb mountains of any height! In addition, you’ll obtain the Toxic Plate.

9. Climb with Sneasler to Reach Moonview Arena

(1 of 2) Moonview Arena is far, but getting there is simple with Sneasler.

Moonview Arena is far, but getting there is simple with Sneasler. (left), Don't expect a friendly welcome when you get there… (right)

Now that you can climb with Sneasler, you can reach many places you couldn’t earlier. When you’re ready to advance the story though, head over to Moonview Arena, towards the far north-west. The simplest way there is to continue north along Clamberclaw Cliffs towards Celestica Ruins, then travel west through the Sacred Plaza.

10. Beat the Stuffing Out of Melli

In front of Moonview Arena, Melli will pose one final challenge before you can reach his Lord.

Warden Melli

(1 of 2) Melli is nothing if not persistent.

Melli is nothing if not persistent. (left), 3 versus 1 is rather unfair, but that won't stop us. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Skuntank" IconSkuntank 44 pokemonplatypepoison.pngpokemonplatypedark.png
"Zubat" IconZubat 22 pokemonplatypepoison.pngpokemonplatypeflying.png
"Skorupi" IconSkorupi 22 pokemonplatypepoison.pngpokemonplatypebug.png

For this fight, you’re up against 3 Pokémon at once.

Skuntank is more of the same, so deploy a Ground-type if you’ve got one. "Zubat" IconZubat and "Skorupi" IconSkorupi are significantly lower level, but can be a nuisance. We suggest dealing with Zubat first, since its Hypnosis can stop your Pokémon from acting.

Ground-type moves are no good against Zubat, but you should have plenty of options. Meanwhile, Skorupi can deal heavy damage with Venoshock if you’re poisoned. But you should probably KO Skuntank before it, since Skorupi can’t poison and Skuntank can.

11. Battle Noble Electrode

(1 of 2) Electrode doesn't look very happy.

Electrode doesn't look very happy. (left), Be prepared to keep moving, lest you get shocked! (right)

Having mopped the floor with Melli, you can begin your main task in earnest. Speak to Melli to begin your showdown with "Electrode" IconElectrode, the Lord of the Hollow.

Succeed in disarming the threat and you’ll receive the Zap Plate.

12. Report to Commander Kamado

(1 of 2) Oops, we almost tripped in excitement.

Oops, we almost tripped in excitement. (left), 'Twas an easy task for GamerGuides. (right)

To tie up the mission in a neat little bow, return to Jubilife Village and enter Galaxy Hall. Inside, head over to the third floor office to report your triumphant deeds to the commander.


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