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Request 85: At Home under the Eaves

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Request 85: At Home under the Eaves in Pokémon Legends: "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

Request 85: At Home under the Eaves.

This request can be picked up from the Requests Board in Galaxy Hall, but only after you’ve added a "Chimecho" IconChimecho to your Pokédex. When you pick this up, your first task will be to speak to Ida, who’s found at the house across the road from the pastures and nearby the front gate.

If you’ve not yet grabbed a Chimecho and want to unlock this request, you can find a few near Celestica Path in Coronet Highlands. Be careful as you approach them, though. They have a pretty long line of sight and will also alert others around to your presence - and there’s a pretty nasty Alpha Steelix nearby!

How to Help Ida’s Chimecho

Ida wants you to help out the Chimecho that’s hanging from his house. He wants to find it a new home. Your task will be to head around Jubilife Village looking for the perfect place for Chimecho to hang out.

House near the Farm

The first place you’ll want to head over to is a house opposite the farm. When you interact with it, Chimecho will seem unhappy with the location. You’ll need to report back to Ida with your discovery.

Chimecho doesn't seem to like the farm.

House near the Beach

Next, Ida will ask that you see if Chimecho likes being near the beach. Fast travel over to the training grounds then head down to the beach hut. Interact with the beach hut to see if Chimecho likes it. Unfortunately he doesn’t like it and you’ll need to return to Ida again for another suggestion.

Chimecho doesn't like the beach hut either.

Training Grounds

This time, Ida will ask you to see if Chimecho likes hanging out near the training grounds - you can fast travel straight over! Chimecho doesn’t like to battle so this isn’t the place for him either!

Chimecho doesn't like the training grounds.

Report back to Ida and this time he’ll ask you hang up the Chimecho at his neighbor’s house (the house to the left). In the end Ida actually just wants to keep Chimecho (after all that effort you went to!), and you’ll finish the request and earn x1 Rare Candy and x1 Sun Stone.


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