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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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What are Effort Levels?

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Effort Levels in Pokémon Legends "Arceus" IconArceus (PLA).

What do Effort Levels do?

Effort Levels is a new system that replaces both Individual Values (IVs) and Effort Values (EVs). Similar to those, it provides bonus stats for each of the six key stats (HP through Speed). The higher the Effort Level for a particular stat, the higher the bonus stats (the effect is greater when the Pokémon is higher Level).

How to View Effort Levels

When viewing a Pokémon’s summary screen, the Effort Levels will be displayed as a (usually) single-digit number inside a circle bar, next to the main stats. Pokémon that are freshly caught will have Effort Levels ranging from 0 to 3 in each stat.

How to Increase Effort Level

The only way to increase Effort Levels is by using specific “Grit” items, such as Grit Dust. These can be obtained by releasing Pokémon, catching alpha Pokémon, etc.

Each Grit item used will increase the Effort Level of a chosen stat by 1. However, do note that there’s a minimum and maximum Effort Level where a particular Grit item be used.

The maximum Effort Level is 10.

Icon Item Descrption
item1759.png Grit Dust Raises Effort Level of one stat, but only up to Level 3.
item1760.png Grit Gravel Raises Effort Level of one stat, if at least Level 3 and no more than Level 5.
item1761.png Grit Pebble Raises Effort Level of one stat, if at least Level 6 and no more than Level 8.
grit-rock.png Grit Rock Raises Effort Level of one stat, if at Level 9.

How to Exchange Grit Items

If you have excess of a particular Grit item, you can exchange them for the higher tier version (at a 10:1 rate) by speaking to Zisu at the Jubilife Village Training Grounds.

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