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Saint's Row

How to Start and Complete Ventures in Saints Row

Nathan Garvin

This page is all about Ventures in Saints Row (2022), including how to start and complete them, and the rewards you gain for doing so.

(1 of 2) Establish new criminal Ventures on the Empire Map to unlock Venture activities.

Establish new criminal Ventures on the Empire Map to unlock Venture activities. (left), Venture activities are marked by purple diamonds on the map. (right)

What Are Ventures in Saints Row?

A more substantial form of open world busywork, Ventures and Side Hustles combine to fill the role of “Activities” found in older Saints Row games. Ventures are marked on your map by purple diamonds, and, as the name implies, different marked Venture activities on your map are tied to the advancement of related criminal Ventures, whereas Side Hustles are more stand-alone “side missions” that revolve around specific gameplay aspects.

After completing the Mission Observe and Report you’ll be able to start A Piece of the Action, which will unlock the JimRob’s Venture. This doesn’t quite yet fully function as a proper Venture, but a lot of the core mechanics are in place: you’ll earn an hourly income from this criminal Venture and you’ll be tasked with completing various Venture activities which are located across Santo Ileso (the aforementioned purple diamonds mark their locations).

For other Ventures, you’ll have a bit more freedom. Complete the Mission Networking and you’ll unlock the [Empire Board], which will allow you to place Ventures in various districts throughout Santo Ileso. The location where you place each Venture isn’t super important, but seeding it will cost cash (early Ventures cost $30,000 to establish), play a cutscene introducing the Venture, and spawn both Venture activities and Threats in the region in which the Venture was placed. In fact, you’ll have to establish one new Venture to complete Networking, and other missions may require you to establish new Ventures as well as a prerequisite (Eli’s Mission [Rod Warrior] requires that you build [Castle Kraken] somewhere in Santo Ileso, for example). You’ll unlock new Ventures as you complete Missions.

(1 of 4) Ventures vary significantly from each other - you may find yourself delivering stolen vehicles,

Once a Venture is established, you’ll need to complete Venture activities to complete said Venture. The type of activity varies by Venture, some examples follow:

  • Vehicle Theft (JimRob’s Garage): JR will tell you about a vehicle he wants, and you’ll need to go steal it for him. The vehicle may be guarded by enemies, and once it’s stolen you’ll likely get a permanent Notoriety level from the relevant faction. Get the vehicle back to JimRob’s, fending off and surviving enemy pursuit to complete the Venture activity. Your standard car theft side missions.

  • [Insurance Fraud (Shady Oaks)]: Go play in traffic. For the duration of this Venture activity you’ll be virtually immune to damage and especially prone to rag-dolling. Just run into traffic and press DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight before a car hits you. The more cars that strike you before you recover, the more money you can scam. Earn a certain amount of money before time expires to complete the Venture activity. A Saints Row classic.

  • [Food Truck Kingpin (Chalupacabra)]: Find some shady “food” trucks, kill their guardians, hijack the vehicle and drive it back to the Chalupacabra site. Like with JimRob’s, expect hostile pursuit the entire time you’re escaping with this vehicle.

  • [Toxic Delivery (Bright Future)]: Transport volatile, toxic chemicals back to your illegal dump site. You’ll have to locate a flatbed truck (follow the glowing green toxic goo), then either drive it slowly and carefully back to avoid upsetting the toxic barrels, or, failing that, haul ass and get back to base before all the glowing green badness erupts.

Unlike Side Hustles, there’s not really a singular gameplay theme to Ventures, which trend more towards the outright zany. You’ll earn cash and XP for completing a Venture activity, and if you complete all the Venture activities for a specific Venture, the region of the map the Venture is located in will be marked as Saints territory, and the passive income you earn from said Venture will increase by double its base value (JimRob’s starts at $1,000/hour. Completing all the Venture activities will increase this to $2,000/hour. Clearing all the Threats in the region will increase it again to $3,000/hour).

Keep in mind that Ventures can be fairly different from each other - some Venture activities can be replayed, others cannot, and most Ventures have some Challenge related to them or another, which may become impossible to complete if you underperform during Venture activities. For example, [Toxic Delivery] activities have the associated [Bright Future] Challenge, which requires you to:

  • Complete a perfect toxic barrel delivery.
  • Deliver 60 toxic barrels.

If you fail to complete either of these objectives before completing all the [Toxic Delivery] activities, you may not be able to complete this Challenge.

How to Unlock New Ventures in Saints Row

You will unlock new Ventures as you increase your Empire Tier, which you can do by establishing and completing Ventures. Once you’ve established and completed enough Ventures you’ll be able to attempt a Mission which, if completed, will increase your Empire Tier. The Missions that increase your Empire Tier and their unlock requirements can be found below:

Empire Tier Unlock Mission Requirements
1 Networking
2 Drawing Heat Place 3 Criminal Ventures
3 Body of Evidence Place 6 Criminal Ventures, Complete 2 Criminal Ventures
4 Good Cop/Bad Cop Place 8 Criminal Ventures, Complete 5 Criminal Ventures

Once you’ve increased your Empire Tier you’ll gain access to new Ventures, and higher tier Ventures are significatly more lucrative than lower tier ones. A tier 1 Venture will earn you $1,250 per hour base, a tier 2 Venture will earn you $15,000 per hour, and a tier 3 Venture will earn you $46,000 per hour. Higher tier Ventures also cost significantly more to establish. A list of the Ventures you can establish and the Empire Tier at which they unlock can be found below:

Empire Tier Venture
0 JimRob’s Garage
1 Bright Future
1 Castle Kraken
1 Chalupacabra
1 Shady Oaks
2 Eurekabator!
2 Laundromat
2 Wuzyerz Repo
3 Cutting Edge
3 KAKTS Radio
3 The Big One
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