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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Pumpkins

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Pumpkins were introduced in September 2020 as apart of the Halloween update. Pumpkins can be planted, grown and harvested and you can use your homegrown pumpkins to make bells or craft unique spooky DIYs for Halloween. The Pumpkins also look super cute and finally introduce the farming mechanic to Animal Crossing!

It’s time to plant some pumpkins ahead of Halloween!

How to Plant Pumpkins

To grow pumpkins, you’ll need to buy some Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins can be grown and harvested all year round but you can only buy Pumpkin seeds from Nook’s Cranny during the month of October. However, you can buy them at any time of the year from Leif’s Flower Shop. If you buy from Nook during October, they cost 280 Bells per seed bag or 1,400 Bells for 5 packs of seeds. But if you buy from Leif during October, then they only cost half that!

Leif will sell you pumpkin starts for half the price!

Once you have pumpkin seeds, you’ll need to dig a hole and plant them. If you wanted to make an authentic looking pumpkin patch, you could even use your Island Designer app to change the ground to a dirt path so that it looks like farmland! Then, place a fence around the patch and you’ve got yourself a cute little farming plot.

How to Grow Pumpkins

Once you’ve planted your pumpkin seeds, they’ll take four days (including the day you planted them) to mature and become harvestable. You should water your pumpkins every single day to ensure a bountiful harvest! If you water them everyday, you’ll get three pumpkins from one seed, but if you only water them once or twice you’ll only get one or two pumpkins per seed.

(1 of 2) If you water the pumpkin seeds everyday you’ll get three pumpkins from one seed

If you water the pumpkin seeds everyday you’ll get three pumpkins from one seed (left), but if you forget to water them, you’ll only get one or two. (right)

You’ll also notice that there are different colored pumpkins! There’s four different types and they are all used for different recipes. The orange pumpkins are, of course, the most common but they you also have yellow, white and green pumpkins which are a bit rarer. You can’t decide what color to grow because there is only one type of pumpkin seed. To ensure you get lots of pumpkins in lots of colors, be sure to buy and plant lots of seeds - get a real farm going!

Once you’ve picked your pumpkins, so long as you don’t dig up the patch, you’ll be able to infinitely grow and harvest pumpkins all year long!

Pumpkin DIY Recipes

Below, you’ll find a list of all DIY recipes that require Pumpkins, including the exclusive Halloween night DIYs.

Spooky Series DIY Recipes (Throughout October)

DIY Recipe Materials Cost (Nook’s Cranny)
Spooky Arch x10 Hardwood, x3 Clay, x10 Pumpkin 18,000 Bells
Spooky Candy Set x1 Orange Pumpkin, x3 Candy 3,500 Bells
Spooky Chair x3 Orange Pumpkin, x3 Softwood 5,000 Bells
Spooky Fence x3 Orange Pumpkin, x5 Iron Nugget Can’t be bought
Spooky Lantern x4 Orange Pumpkin 5,600 Bells
Spooky Lantern Set x4 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Clump of Weeds 5,900 Bells
Spooky Scarecrow x3 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Wood 5,200 Bells
Spooky Standing Lamp x5 Hardwood, x1 Clay, x3 Orange Pumpkin 5,800 Bells
Spooky Table x14 Orange Pumpkin, x10 Softwood 22,000 Bells
Spooky Tower x7 Orange Pumpkin 9,800 Bells
Spooky Tree x5 Orange Pumpkin, x10 Hardwood 10,000 Bells
Spooky Trick Lamp x4 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Iron Nugget 11,600 Bells
Spooky Treats Basket x1 Orange Pumpkin, x2 Candy 3,000 Bells

You can make a lot of different things with pumpkins!

Halloween Event DIY Recipes (Available on 31st October only)

DIY Recipe Materials Obtained from:
Spooky Carriage x20 Wood, x20 Softwood, x20 Hardwood, x10 Iron Nugget, x30 Orange Pumpkin Obtained by giving Jack his first and second Lollipop.
Spooky Garland x1 Iron Nugget, x1 Clay, x1 Orange Pumpkin Give Candy to Villagers on Halloween night.
Spooky Table Setting x1 Iron Nugget, x1 Clay, x1 Orange Pumpkin Give Candy to Villagers at the Halloween Event on Halloween night.
Spooky Wand x3 Star Fragment, x1 Spooky Lantern Give Jack his third Lollipop.
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