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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Making Bells Achievements

Seren Morgan-Roberts


These achievements are all to do with making bells, including selling turnips and fruit.

Seller of Unwanted Stuff

When you first sell an item to Timmy and Tommy, you’ll earn this award!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Sell your first item 300 Down-And-Out Eventuality


You may notice that once per day, there is a glowing crack on your island. If you dig it up, you’ll find 1,000 Bells!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Dig up buried bells from a glowing spot 300 Lucky Type

Look out for these golden cracks, they contain some extra bells!

Cornering the Stalk Market

These achievements are focused on how much profit you can make from selling turnips. So, the profit is determined by how much you paid for the turnips versus how much you sold them for, i.e if you buy 10k worth of turnips and you sell them for 13k, then you have made 3k profit. These achievements don’t have to be hit all in one go, so you can slowly accumulate profit over multiple turnip sales to earn these achievements.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Make 1,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips 300 Status-Minded Speculator
Make 10,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips 500 Avaricious Moneybags
Make 100,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips 1,000 Upstart Trader
Make 1,000,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips 2,000 Worldwide Bellionaire
Make 10,000,000 Bells in profit selling Turnips 3,000 Shadowy Fixer

Go Ahead. Be Shellfish!

You can sell all shells that are found along your beaches. Some shells are more expensive than others, but you can sell whichever shells you find to qualify for these awards.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Sell 10 shells 300 Shell-Grabbing Shell Fan
Sell 50 shells 500 Seashore Seashell Seller
Sell 200 shells 1,000 Shifty Shellector
Sell 500 shells 2,000 Over-Shelled Shell Master
Sell 1,000 shells 3,000 Shellfish Shellaborator/Shellarina

Pick of the Bunch

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Sell 20 fruit 300 Inexperienced Observationist
Sell 100 fruit 500 Precocious Bounty
Sell 500 fruit 1,000 Seasonal Tree
Sell 1,000 fruit 2,000 Mature Kind
Sell 3,000 fruit 3,000 Rotten Scent

Dont forget to sell some fruit for big bells!


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