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Island Living Achievements

Seren Morgan-Roberts


The Nook Miles Achievements in this list are earned through just playing the game. They are achievements for simple tasks such as digging up clams, chopping trees and creating custom designs.

[Town Name] Miles!

This will be the first Nook Miles achievement you earn. You’ll unlock this one when you’re told about the Nook Mileage Program by Tom Nook.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Unlock Nook Miles 500 Nook Inc.’s Patron

Active Island Resident

These are unlocked just through playing the game! Every active day on the game counts towards these achievements. All you have to do is log into the game and it counts as an active day.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Play for 3 days 300 Self-paced Chill Soul
Play for 20 days 500 Active Specialist
Play for 50 days 1,000 Sleepless Adventurer
Play for 100 days 2,000 Nicknamed Gamer
Play for 300 days 3,000 Ready-Made MVP

NookPhone Life

When you first use your Nookphone, you’ll earn some miles for it!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Use your NookPhone 300 Smartphone Savant

When you open your phone for the first time, you'll earn some miles!

Island Shutterbug

When you take your first photo using the camera app in the Nookphone, you’ll earn this achievement!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Take a photo 300 Photogenic Photographer

Edit Credit

When you first edit your passport, you’ll get an achievement for it! You can change your passport photo or use titles that you’ve unlocked from other Nook Miles achievements.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Edit your passport 300 Future Traveler

That’s One Smart Phone

This is unlocked over time, after you’ve used your phone lots of times. The best advice for this achievement is to not try to force it, as you’ll just unlock it over time. You use your Nookphone a lot throughout the day so you’ll get there eventually.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Use your NookPhone a lot 1,000 Digital-Age Child

Nook Miles for Miles!

These achievements are unlocked for completing Nook Miles+ tasks! You can complete an infinite amount of Nook Miles+ tasks everyday, so if you want to unlock these quickly, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Complete 5 Nook Miles+ tasks 300 So-Called Ground Traveler
Complete 50 Nook Miles+ tasks 500 Novice Rookie
Complete 200 Nook Miles+ tasks 1,000 Wide-Ranging Hobbyist
Complete 1,000 Nook Miles+ tasks 2,000 Perfectionist Go-Getter
Complete 3,000 Nook Miles+ tasks 3,000 Year-Round Dynamo

Making a Change

When you have a wardrobe or a chest of drawers or even a fridge, you’ll be able to use it as a functioning closet to change your outfit. All the outfits you have available will be clothing pieces that you’ve put into storage.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Use a closet to change outfits 500 Trendy Model

First Custom Design!

When you first create your own custom design, you’ll unlock some miles for it! For a short tutorial on how to create custom designs, head over to the Custom Designs page.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Create a Custom Design 500 Aspiring Artist

You can use the custom design tool to design whatever you like.

Custom Design Pro!

Similarly to the First Custom Design! award, this achievement is unlocked through creating your first Pro custom design. For more information on how to unlock and use the pro custom design tool, head over to the Custom Designs page.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Create a Pro Custom Design 300 Pro Designer

Shady Shakedown

Everyday, 2 trees on your island will contain 2 items of furniture. You will also always get 1 item of furniture from trees on mystery islands (so long as they have hardwood and cedar trees on them). This means that getting these achievements won’t take as long as you might initially believe, especially if you go island hopping a lot.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Shake a piece of furniture out of a tree 300 Carefree Figure
Shake 10 pieces of furniture out of trees 1,000 Jovial Brute
Shake 20 pieces of furniture out of trees 2,000 Spirited Gifted One
Shake 50 pieces of furniture out of trees 3,000 Factual Outlaw
Shake 100 pieces of furniture out of trees 5,000 Inspirational Statement

[Town Name] Icons

When you first change your island flag and town tune, you’ll earn some miles! To change your island tune and island flag, head over to Isabelle’s desk in Resident Services. You need to create a custom design before you can change the flag, though.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Change the island flag 500 Flapping Flag Waver
Change the town tune 500 Humming Musician

Changing the flag for the first time will unlock some miles!

It’s Raining Treasure!

To shoot down balloons, you need a slingshot. You can buy and craft slingshots. To earn these achievements you need to shoot down lots of balloons. Balloons are frequent and there is no maximum in a day, however, they are in even higher frequency during the lead up to Bunny Day. You’ll notice that there are lots of balloons with eggs and presents to shoot down.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Shoot down 5 balloons 300 Easy-breezy Slingshot Ace
Shoot down 20 balloons 500 Atmospheric Floaty Thing
Shoot down 50 balloons 1,000 Restless Hunter
Shoot down 100 balloons 2,000 Flying Paradise
Shoot down 300 balloons 3,000 Elusive Vagabond

Lost Treasure

If you shoot a balloon when its floating above water it’ll fall in! This is a sad occasion, however, Nook will try to cheer you up with some miles!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Shoot down a balloon and have it fall into water 500 Catchable Klutz

Clam and Collected

You can dig up clams on the beach. They spawn all day, everyday and they can be found by looking out for little spurts of water coming out of the sand. Manilla clams can be used to make fishbait which is great for trying to spawn rarer fish.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Dig up 5 clams 300 Tidal Season
Dig up 20 clams 500 Ready Coast Dweller
Dig up 50 clams 1,000 Buried Genius
Dig up 100 clams 2,000 Rare Prodigy
Dig up 200 clams 3,000 Water’s Edge Mermaid

Bulletin-Board Benefit

When you write a bulletin-board post for the first time, you’ll earn some miles!

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Post something on the bulletin board 300 Rumormongering Influencer

You can write any note you like on the bulletin-board.


You will earn these achievements relatively easily, as they require that you chop trees for lots of wood. If you like making DIYs, chances are you always need wood, so these achievements are going to be quick to unlock if you’re always chopping at trees. You can get 3 wood per tree so it won’t take long to start accumulating large numbers.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Chop 20 wood from trees 300 Specific Producer
Chop 100 wood from trees 500 Aggressive Problem Solver
Chop 500 wood from trees 1,000 Sharp Guard
Chop 2,000 wood from trees 2,000 Pointy Tack
Chop 5,000 wood from trees 3,000 Productive Superhero

Rock-Splitting Champ

If you eat a bit of fruit before hitting a rock with a shovel you’ll end up breaking it! Whilst this can be annoying if it was an accident, your rock will spawn in the next day so it’s not too bad.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Break a rock (after eating fruit) 500 Sports-Minded Muscle


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