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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who is Kapp'n?

Staci Miller

With Version 2.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has come a wealth of updates, including new characters. One of these new characters is Kapp’n, a green turtle who’s ready to show up on your island and whisk you on adventures.

How to Unlock Kapp’n

Kapp’n can be found on your pier, which is in a different location on every island but finally has some purpose.

If you’re a veteran of the game by the time the update rolls around, you’ll already have Kapp’n. If not - or if you restarted your island recently - you’ll have to get your island to three stars by unlocking K.K. Slider before you can meet him. If you’re struggling to do this, plant and water plenty of flowers, put down some outdoor furniture, and make sure you’ve given Blathers fifteen donations to upgrade the museum. All of this is necessary to hit three stars.

Once you’ve unlocked K.K. and the credits have rolled, Isabelle will make an announcement on your island the very next day. She’ll let you know of a few new features, and one of these will be Kapp’n who now lives on his boat on your pier. You can find him there 24/7, so don’t worry about missing him.

Mystery Island Boat Tours

You’re likely already familiar with Mystery Islands. It’s easy to go to the airport and use a Nook Miles Ticket to hop on a trip to a far-off island with different fruit, bugs, and materials.

Kapp’n’s method is slightly different. He’ll take you on his boat for the sum of 1,000 Nook Miles to an island and sing you a sea shanty along the way.

At least it’s cheaper than a Nook Miles Ticket.

While Kapp’n is singing, there are a number of reactions you can use. The A button allows you to clap along with him, X allows you to laugh, and Y lets you express your surprise at one of the many twists of the sea shanties.

The lyrics are quite something.

You can only take one tour a day with Kapp’n, but if you’d like to time travel (as many players do) then this doesn’t matter. You can take this trip at any time of the day.

The Mystery Islands

The Mystery Islands that Kapp’n will take you to are different from the ones you’ll get through the airport.

Stay on the lookout for rare plants, bugs, and even Gyroids that you can dig up.

The main advantage with this is that the islands can be in different seasons or times of the day. If you’re a dedicated player who never time travels but only plays during the day, this can be helpful for finding night time creatures.

Some of the islands are even in different seasons, which can be massively helpful if you don’t want to make huge time traveling leaps and spoil your turnips. Snowflakes are a great example of materials that you’ll only be able to farm from these islands when it’s not winter on your own.

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