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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Island Evaluation

Seren Morgan-Roberts


The day after you’ve had your first visitor at the campsite, Nook and Isabelle will announce that they are now keeping track of Island appeal through regular evaluations and ratings.

Speak to Nook and Isabelle

When you next enter the Resident Services building, Nook will tell you about the next phase of Project K. He needs you to pop over to his counter and ask What should I do? He will then tell you that you need to help raise the island’s appeal through inviting more villagers and beautification of the island’s scenery. Isabelle has been put in charge of gathering data regarding the island’s appeal ratings. Next, speak to Isabelle to determine what needs to be done to improve your island.

Isabelle is in charge of managing Island Evaluations.

How are the Ratings Calculated?

The ratings are mostly based off of how many residents you have and the decor of your island. To achieve the highest ratings, there needs to be decorations on every part of your island. Decorations include flowers, fences and furniture. On top of this, lots of infrastructures also help to make your island more appealing to tourists. Your island’s appeal is impacted negatively by weeds, rubbish and things left on the ground.

Lots of things contribute towards your island’s appeal and rating.

K Project

To have K.K. come to your island, you need to achieve a 3-star island rating. Right now, your island is likely at 1-star because of your lack of residents, even if you’ve done lots of decorating. Your town’s popularity is determined by how lively it is, so if you have some empty plots, work on filling those in the next few days. You can only ask one villager per day to move to your island. You need at least 8 villagers to reach 3-stars. With the new villager who moved in today (the one who visited your campsite), you should have 6 villagers. If you invited someone from a mystery island yesterday and also invited someone new from a mystery island today, then in two days, you’ll have the minimum required amount of villagers to reach 3-stars.

Your rating is low because of your lack of residents, right now.

During these next few days, you should work on decorating your island so that when you have 8 villagers, you can trigger the K.K. concert straight away. The K.K. concert is important for accessing late game content, so you should aim to complete this as soon as possible.

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