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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Apparel Shop

Seren Morgan-Roberts
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This page offers a guide on how to unlock the Apparel Shop in Happy Home Paradise DLC. It also offers some design ideas as well as the required items you’ll need to include in your Apparel Shop.

How to Unlock the Apparel Shop

To unlock the Apparel Shop, you’ll need to design 30 Vacation Homes and attend your 30 Vacation Home milestone party at either the restaurant or café.

After you’ve had your party, return to the Paradise Planning HQ and speak to Lottie about getting back to work. She’ll then ask you to head over to the Apparel Shop to begin remodelling.

Unlock the Apparel Shop after designing 30 Vacation Homes.

Designing the Apparel Shop

The first thing you’ll need to do once you arrive at the site is redesign the exterior. You’ll be able to change the color of the roof, siding and door. In addition you’ll also be able to switch up the clothing display in the window so that it suits the style of shop you want to design.

(1 of 2) You’ll be able to customise the exterior

You’ll be able to customise the exterior (left), and even change the display window’s aesthetic. (right)

Apparel Shop Required Items

As with all facility designs, you’ll need to include a few core items. For the Apparel Shop, you’ll need to make sure to include up to 6 mannequins and a cash register in your design. These mannequins will be used to display clothes on sale in the store, so if you want a larger selection of clothes to choose from, place the maximum number of 6 mannequins down. The clothing they display will also change everyday.


There are three mannequin types to choose from: a head mannequin, a full body mannequin and a bottoms mannequin. You can use any combination of the different types of mannequins - you could design a hat store or only place down full body mannequins to ensure the shop only sells tops and full body garments.

At the end of the design phase, Lottie will ask you what sort of clothes you’d like to have sold at the apparel shop, so you’ll be able to make sure that the clothes sold will match your design choices. Or you can just choose the option ‘Anything is fine’ to have a random assortment of clothing sold at the shop.

Apparel Shop Design Ideas

There are endless possibilities when designing your apparel shop. In your selection of items, you’l find a lot of items that could be used to create a fancy looking store or a more modern one. There’s shelving and clothes racks, as well as some full sized mannequins (decoration only) and glass cases displaying watches and glasses. Don’t forget to add little details such as wall decorations and ceiling fixtures as well as miscellaneous items to add dimension to your design.

We chose to design a highend boutique-style store, so we used panelling walls and fancy carpet flooring. Changing the color variation of the furniture items will also help in changing the vibe of the room. Dark wood furniture goes well with a more antique-looking apparel store, whilst colored wood (black or white) or light wood hues pair well with modern clothing store aesthetics.

Your Apparel Shop can be as fancy and old fashioned or as modern and hip as you like!

Staffing the Apparel Shop

Once you’ve finished the design and chosen the clothing theme for the store, you’ll be asked to choose a Shop Manager, and also customize their uniform.

And finally, you’ll be able to finish up, name the shop and take some pictures of both the inside and the exterior.

(1 of 2) After choosing the store manager

After choosing the store manager (left), you’ll get to name your shop and finish up. (right)

Shopping at the Apparel Shop

Every day, there’ll be new clothes to obtain from the shop. If you chose a specific clothing style then the clothes will match that aesthetic. You’ll be able to buy the clothes using Poki currency so make sure to keep up the vacation home designs if you want to buy clothes at the shop frequently!

Use Poki currency to buy some new clothing!

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what is the flooring in the last picture called?

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what is the flooring in the last picture called?

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