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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Special Visitor Achievements

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is dedicated to all the Nook Miles achievements relating to special visitors, such as K.K., Gulliver and Wisp.

K.K. Mania

Every saturday, K.K. will play a concert for your island (once you’ve reached a 3-star island rating). Each time you ask him to play a song, this will count as watching a K.K. Slider concert. For more information on how to unlock K.K. Slider, click here.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
See a K.K. Slider show once 300 Fickle Music-Lover
See 10 K.K. Slider Shows 500 Covert Supporter
See 30 K.K. Slider Shows 1,000 Regular Fan
See 60 K.K. Slider Shows 2,000 The Definition of Pop Star
See 100 K.K. Slider Shows 3,000 Longtime Follower

Miles for Stalkholders

The first time you buy turnips from Daisy Mae, you will earn miles for unlocking this achievement. For more information, head over to the Buying Turnips page.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Buy turnips from Daisy Mae 300 Weekend Stalkholder

When you first buy turnips from Daisy Mae, you will earn some miles.

Wispy Island Secrets

Wisp will randomly appear on your island in the evenings. If you choose to help Wisp, you’ll be able to begin unlocking these achievements, which are reliant on the player helping Wisp.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Help Wisp once 300 Cowardly Ghost
Help Wisp 10 times 500 Supernatural Soul
Help Wisp 20 times 1,000 Soulful Soul Mate

Gulliver’s Travails

Gulliver will frequently wash up on your shores and request the player’s help to find his missing communicator parts. These achievements are reliant on the player agreeing to help Gulliver.

Helping the Pirate Gullivarrr will also count towards these achievements.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Help Gulliver once 300 Flightless Fowl
Help Gulliver 10 times 500 Perennial Lost One
Help Guilliver 20 times 1,000 Off-Season Migratory Bird

You need to dig up 5 communicator parts to fix Gulliver’s phone.

You Otter Know

During the Summer 2020 Update, Pascal the philosophical otter was introduced to the game. Whenever you find a scallop, there is a chance that he will pop up and trade you a special item or DIY for the scallop. He can come up to once per day, so if you want to unlock these achievements quickly, you want to go deep diving for scallops everyday for 20 days.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Give 1 Scallop to Pascal 300 Kind Cynic
Give 10 Scallops to Pascal 500 Hungry Philosopher
Give 20 Scallops to Pascal 1,000 Oceanic Existentialist
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