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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Maple Leaf Furniture Collection

Staci Miller

If you’ve signed onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons this Fall, you may have noticed that Isabelle mentioned some Maple Leafs have been falling from the trees.

Seasoned players know what this means - materials to make DIYs! Here’s everything you need to know about Maple Leaves.

How to Get Maple Leaves

You can get Maple Leaves from November 16th to 25th in the northern hemisphere and May 16th to 25th in the southern hemisphere. This is a very limited window, so make sure you sign on during this time and grab as many leaves as possible.

Isabelle will let you know when those leaves start falling.

Look around your island for leaves falling from the sky. They’re large and orange, so they’re very easy to spot. When you see one, whip out your net and grab it - it’s as easy as that!

They don’t tend to be hard to find, though there will be periods of time when they’re more common on the island than others. You should have plenty of chances to catch them throughout the week of Fall they’re around.

They can be sold for 200 Bells at Nook’s Cranny, though it’s always better to keep them since they can only be found for about nine days of the year.

How to Get Maple Leaf DIYs

If you’re wondering how to get the DIYs, there are a couple of possibilities.

Firstly, they can be shot out of the balloons in the sky. Make sure to keep your slingshot handy at all times!

Otherwise, you can always swap with friends. DIYs can be picked up on other islands, so don’t forget this possibility.

Unfortunately, although DIYs wash up on the shore in bottles every day, you won’t be able to find Maple Leaf DIYs this way. They’re exclusive to the balloons during this time period.

Maple Leaf DIYs

DIY Recipe Material Requirement
ACNH_Pochette.pngMaple Leaf Pochette Maple_Leaf_icon.png6
Maple_Leaf_Rug.png Maple Leaf Rug Maple_Leaf_icon.png6
Maple_Leaf_Umbrella_copy.png Maple Leaf Umbrella Maple_Leaf_icon.png7
Leaf_Stool.png Leaf Stool Maple_Leaf_icon.png3 ACNH_Weeds.png3
Leaf_Pile.png Red Leaf Pile Maple_Leaf_icon.png3 ACNH_Weeds.png4
Leaf_Flooring.png Colored Leaves Flooring Maple_Leaf_icon.png10 ACNH_Weeds.png15
Pond_Stone.png Maple Leaf Pond Stone Maple_Leaf_icon.png3 ACNH_Stone_icon.png10
AutumnWall.png Autumn Wall Maple_Leaf_icon.png5 ACNH_Weeds.png5 Wood_icon_acnh.png5
Trees_Bounty_Arch.png Tree’s Bounty Arch Maple_Leaf_icon.png5 Acorn_acnh_icon.png5 Pine_Cone_Icon.png4 Tree_Branch_ACNH_Icon.png15
BountyTree.png Tree’s Bounty Big Tree Maple_Leaf_icon.png4 Acorn_acnh_icon.png4 Pine_Cone_Icon.png5 Clay_Icon_Acnh.png4 Tree_Branch_ACNH_Icon.png8

What to Do if You Missed the Window

Did you miss out on getting Maple Leaves and now the period of the game has come and gone?

Never fear. You have three options!

The first is to solicit DIYs and Maple Leaves from friends.

The second is to take some Kapp’n Boat Tours. Although it’s unconfirmed if you can get Maple Leaves from these islands, we have to assume it’s possible. It can take you to random seasons, and it’s been confirmed that there is a Cherry Blossom island. So, it makes sense that there’s also a Maple Leaf island.

The third is good old-fashioned time-traveling. Set your Switch clock back or forward to the appropriate dates and you’ll be able to find Maple Leaves and their DIYs. Just don’t forget to sell your Turnips first.

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