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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Resident Services Building

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Your New Resident Services!

Finally, two days after Nook’s announcement, your island now has its permanent Resident Services building! The new building also calls for a new member of staff. Players of Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be pleased to see the return of Isabelle. She will now be helping out on your island.

Isabelle is here to help with your island needs!

When you next enter the Resident Services, Nook will explain that he will be in charge of loan repayments and construction, whilst Isabelle will manage island living and resident support. He will also ask you to come speak to him about some matters he’d like to discuss.

Nook’s Desk

when you speak to Nook, you’ll now be able to help with building bridges, inclines and moving existing buildings! When you speak to him first, select the option You wanted my help?

He wants to do something grand to celebrate the opening of the new Resident Services. He would like to have K.K. Slider put on a show on your island. Having K.K. Slider come to your island would make it a popular destination.

Project K

After Nook has told you his plans, speak to him again and select What should I do? His plan can be split up into 3 stages:

  • More visitors - Visitors will increase the tourism and popularity of your island.

  • More Residents - You need to have more residents living on the island. The more visitors and tourists you have, the more people who will want to live on your island.

  • Improve the appearance of the island! - K.K. will only come if the island is pretty! A pretty island means more tourism and means your island is popular enought to host K.K.

Nook really wants K.K. to perform on your island.


To increase the amount of visitors, your island will need a campsite! Nook will send you over a recipe for a Campsite Construction Kit. He asks that you craft the kit and then pick the perfect place for a campsite!

The campsite construction kit requires 15 pieces of each type of wood and 15 iron nuggets. Hopefully, by now, you should have a small stock of each material growing as you harvest them each day. It shouldn’t take you long to collect all of the materials required.

The campsite can be made of materials found on your island.

Once you’ve crafted the kit, you’ll be able to build it wherever you like! Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to decorate around it once it has been built, so extra space around it will be beneficial.

This location will need a bit of weeding so that it looks more presentable!

You could decorate the area around it with campfires and haybeds, which are both DIYs you should own by now (you can obtain the Haystack DIY from Beginner’s DIY set from Nook’s Cranny). Washing lines and washing tubs would also give the campsite a cosy feel.

Once you’ve placed your campsite construction kit and done a bit of decorating, head back to Nook to tell him of your success.

Isabelle’s Desk

Isabelle is responsible for resident support and general island living queries. At Isabelle’s desk, you’ll be able to change the island tune, change the island flag and discuss other residents. Later, you’ll also be able to discuss island appearances with her aswell.

  • Change Your Island Tune - The island tune plays in multiple locations across the island, usually when you enter the building or speak to someone. The current tune is a default that everyone has, but lots of people will change it. Some people like to change the tune to another classic video game or movie tune, or they’ll make up their own! To change the tune, you’ll need to know about the musical notes that make up your desired tune. Then you’ll need to put those notes in order so that it plays out the tune. You can also put dumb notes and pauses in your song for added flavor. Changing your island tune will also earn you 500 Nook Miles with the [Your Island] Icons achievement.

You can put whatever tune you like. Even deathly silence if you wished.

  • Change Your Island Flag - you can change your island flag to any custom design you’ve created or downloaded. The flag appears near your townhall and your airport, so take care not to use anything deemed offensive, as people who visit your island will see it! Changing your island flag will also earn you 500 Nook Miles with the [Your Island] Icons achievement.

Your new flag can be any custom design you like.

  • Discuss a Resident - You can choose to complain about the language or outfits of villagers who you’ve deemed inappropriate. If you don’t like something they’ve said, like a catchphrase or nickname, you can report it to Isabelle and she’ll get them to stop. The same with if you don’t like someone’s attire.
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